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Download your free PDF file of the pontiac grand-prix on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Pontiac Grand Prix automobile. Pontiac Pontiac Grand Prix Owners Manuals. Search for. Buy Pontiac Grand Prix Owners Manual: Vehicles – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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This manual describes features that may be available in this model, but your vehicle may not have all of them. Pictures and words work together to explain things. Index A good place to quickly locate information about the vehicle is the Index in the back of the manual. These mean there is something that could damage your vehicle. A notice tells about something that can damage the vehicle.

Section 1 Front Seats They Are for Everyone The sudden movement could startle and confuse you, or make you push a pedal when you do not want to. To adjust the seat, do any of the following: The control is located on the outboard side of the seat cushion.

Press the control forward to increase lumbar support. Press prx control rearward to decrease lumbar support. To return the seatback to an upright position, do the following: Lift the lever fully without applying pressure to the seatback and the seatback will return to the upright position.

Push and pull on the seatback to make sure it is locked. This position reduces the chance of a neck injury in a crash. Pull the head restraint up to raise it. If you fold the seatback forward to carry longer objects, such as skis, be sure any such cargo is not near an airbag. This could cause severe grandd or even death. If the seatback is not locked, it could move forward in a sudden stop pirx crash.

That could cause injury to the person sitting there. Always push and oqners on the seatback to be sure it is locked. Safety Belts Safety Belts: They Are for Everyone This part of the manual tells you how to use safety belts properly. It also tells you some things you should not do with safety belts. Do not let anyone ride where he or she cannot wear a safety belt properly. Why Safety Belts Work When you ride in or on anything, you go as manhal as it goes. Put someone on it. Take the simplest vehicle.

Suppose it is just a seat on wheels.

Get it up to speed. Then stop the vehicle. The rider does not stop. In a real vehicle, it could be the windshield With safety belts, you slow down as the vehicle does. You get more time to stop. You stop over more distance, and owneers strongest bones take the forces. That is why safety belts make such good maanual. You could be — whether you are wearing a safety belt or not. But your chance of being conscious during and after an accident, so you can unbuckle and get out, is much greater if you are belted.


Be aware that there are special things to know about safety belts and children. And there are different rules for smaller children and babies.

If a child will be riding in your vehicle, see Older Children on page or Infants and Young Children on page What is wrong with this? The shoulder belt is too loose. It will not give as much protection this way.

You can be seriously hurt if your shoulder belt is too loose.

Pontiac 2008 GRAND PRIX Owner Manual

In a crash, you would move forward too much, which could increase injury. The lap belt is too loose. It will not give nearly as much protection this way. You can be seriously hurt if your lap belt is too loose. Manuxl a crash, you could slide under the lap belt and apply force on your abdomen. The belt is buckled in the wrong place. You can be seriously injured if your belt is buckled in the wrong place like this. In a crash, the belt would go up over your abdomen.

The belt forces would be there, not on the pelvic bones. The belt is over an armrest. You can be seriously injured if your belt goes over an armrest like this. The belt would be much too high.

In a crash, you can slide under the belt.

pontiac grand-prix Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

The shoulder belt is worn under the arm. It should be worn over the shoulder at all times. You can be seriously injured if you wear the shoulder belt under your arm. In a crash, your body would move too far forward, which would increase the chance of head and neck injury.

The belt is behind the body. You can be seriously injured by not wearing the lap-shoulder belt properly.

In a crash, you would not be restrained by the shoulder belt. Your manula could move too far forward increasing the chance of head and neck injury.

The belt is twisted across the body. You can be seriously injured by a twisted belt. In a crash, you would not have the full width of the belt to spread impact forces.


Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks. Pull up on the latch plate to make sure it is secure. If the belt is not long enough, see Safety Belt Extender on page Make sure the release button on the buckle is positioned so you would be able to unbuckle the safety belt quickly if necessary. To unlatch the belt, push the button on the buckle.

The belt should go back out of the way. Before you close a door, be sure the belt is out of the way. If you slam the door on it, you can damage both the belt and your vehicle. Safety Belt Pretensioners Your vehicle has safety belt pretensioners for front outboard occupants.

Although you cannot see them, they are part of the safety belt assembly. They can help tighten the safety belts during the early stages of a moderate to severe frontal or near frontal crash if the threshold conditions for pretensioner activation are met.

Pontiac Owner Manuals

Place the guide over the belt and insert the 3. The elastic cord must be under the belt and the guide on top. A granv belt that is not properly worn may not provide the protection needed in a crash. The person wearing the belt could be seriously injured.

The shoulder belt should go over the shoulder and across the chest. These parts of the body are best able to take belt restraining forces. Like all occupants, they are more likely to be seriously injured if they do not wear safety belts. A pregnant woman should wear a lap-shoulder belt, and the lap portion should be worn as low as possible, below the rounding, throughout the pregnancy. What is the proper way to wear safety belts?

An older child should wear a lap-shoulder belt and get the additional restraint a shoulder belt can provide. The shoulder owhers should not cross the face or neck. Here a child is sitting in a seat that has a lap-shoulder belt, but the shoulder part is behind the child. In a ptix, the child would not be restrained by the shoulder belt.

The child might slide under the lap belt. The belt force would then be applied right on the abdomen. Infants and Young Children Everyone in a vehicle needs protection! This includes infants and all other children.