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is generic audio dual opamp (see NJM for datasheet). Aside from working at very low voltages (+/- 2V?) there is nothing special. RC Dual Audio Operational Amplifier. Operating Voltage. ┬▒18 V Low Noise Voltage. ┬ÁVrms (TYP) Wide GBW. 12 MHz (TYP) Low THD. % (TYP). From a life instalation i still have a cheapo Behringer MXX laying around what a all the x in the name want to tell us?.

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Would replacing of all op amps and exchange of the powersupply against a heavier one, clear the situation and bring the behringer to an acceptable level? Just paint it red so people don’t think it’s a behringer! Some opamps do some things better than other opamps.

A big step forward? Eric Eric’s Audio Repair http: It sounded damn good. The inputstage has 2 non smd transistors.

Is the source of the Behringer sound the NJM op amp?

I’m not really an electronics expert but I’ve read enough opamp-swap-threads here to know that swapping opamps isn’t easy and it usually doesn’t do much good. If you want to improve the behringers you’ll first have to find out what opamps are causing the sound you don’t like and if it’s the opamps at all.


If you just put them in a circuit designed for cheaper opamps you can easilly make a stable circuit oscillate. Havent checked the master section yet. I wonder if these komunist tl are somehow a special bread Any opinions regarding what result to expect? But what happens to the mean uggly behringer when doing just simple things like opamp replacement and maybe bypassing some caps?

That the win is little or even negativ fx occur when changing a working design so drastical is no surprise. February 11, Please dont think that i am crazy The behringer was the worst of all. The sound of the mackie was the best of all.

November 01, This all under the estimation that the thing is build like a soundcraft I pretty open to any suggestion that point to risks and problems i ve overseen Opam looks like 16 on the Xenyx plus the headphone amp. These are the two problems i see with this: I am however interested to see what happens.


I realize there’s plenty of stuff out there which sounds better even in stock form.

Any senior east german chip developer around here? Mendelt Member the Netherlands Posts: Or have they done some nasty tricks to reduce noise that kills the sound anway regardless what op amps are doing the job?


I wonder opanp the source for the plastic behringer sound 5480 just the cheap low power op amps From a life instalation i still have a cheapo Behringer MXX laying around I’ve done this before Usually the stuff around the opamp will do more for the sound than the opamp itself. I would need almost to replace all Started by AudioJohn The Lab. Or also just the little fx you get from the usual we mod a neumann attempts?