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Problem – Interface with microprocessor and write an assembly Subtract content of two ports by interfacing with microprocessor. The interfacing happens with the ports of the Microprocessor. The main IC’s which are to be interfaced with are: 1. PPI. 2. PIC. 3. USART. PPI: 82C55 The 82C55 is a popular interfacing component, that can interface any TTL-compatible I/O device to the microprocessor.

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If not zero repeat. Motor shown in the circuit has two phases, with center-tap winding.

As port A is used as an output port, control word for is 80H. Load control word in CR. But the main disadvantage with this interfacing is that the microprocessor can perform only one function. Newer Post Older Post Home. For this circuit different addresses are: The interfacing circuit therefore should be designed in such a way that it matches the memory signal requirements with the signals of the microprocessor.

Here, 4 scan lines are sufficient to scan matrix keyboard and to select display digits. The lower nibble of port A of the is used to generate excitation signals in the proper sequence. Block Diagram of Programmable Interrupt Contr The pins are used to control relay on-off action with the help of relay driver circuits.


Initialize memory pointer to point. A stepper motor is a digital motor. Only lower data bus D 0 — D 7 is used as is 8-bit device. The traffic light arrangement is as shown in Fig. The interfacing process involves matching the memory requirements with the microprocessor signals.

So we are using a keyboard and monitor as Input and output along with the processor. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Load control word in AL.

Actual pin connections are listed in Table 1 below. These excitation signals are buffered using driver transistors. Initialize in read. Write a program to initialize in the configuration given below. ForPort A and B are used as output ports.

8255A – Programmable Peripheral Interface

Looking forward for your comments and suggestions Load mask pattern to enable RST 7. Interfacing with Operating Modes of Its not created and manipulated by a professional; But by a student like you.

Output with handshake 2. Similarly the microprocessor transmits some signals for reading or writing a data. Intel CPU Structure.


Dont use any Interrupts. Input Output Interfacing Techniques.

Interfacing with Microprocessor | Interfacing with

Assume address of the control word register of as 83H. Programmable peripheral devices were introduced by Intel to increase the overall performance of the system. The traffic should be controlled in the following manner. External clock frequency is 3 MHz. So it is necessary that we interface keyboard and displays with the microprocessor. Write 7-segment code in display RAM. Wait for the interrupt.

There are two ways in which a microprocessor can connect with outside world or other memory systems. Input Integfacing address of the control word register of as 83H. Reset out signal from clock generator is connected to the Reset signal of the interfscing Assume address of control word register of as 83H.

Send wuth on PB to glow G3 and G4. Get the 7-segment code. For this purpose an address decoding circuit is used.