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Jaclyn Moriarty has always had a quirky, wryly humorous style, but in ‘A Corner of White’ she reaches new heights of lyricism. There were some. “Perfectly strange Jaclyn Moriarty is one of the most original writers we have.” Markus Zusak. Madeleine Tully lives in Cambridge, England, the World – a city of . The first in a rousing, funny, genre-busting trilogy from bestseller Jaclyn Moriarty! This is a tale of missing persons. Madeleine and her mother.

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Last year I figured out that she was Liane Moriarty’s sister, and that sparked my interest again, because their books look SO different. I don’t have words whte how completely I was pulled in by this book.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘A Corner of White’ by Jaclyn Moriarty

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Lists with This Book. As such, although it is not a book morarty will love, it is a book I firmly believe everyone should read. I loved the secondary characters as well, and there are many of them! But I never did care for those things. What’s odd, too, is the way the two worlds bleed into each other. At times the real world setting was just as quirky as Cello.

This made A Corner of White a reading experience that I will always remember fondly. Madeline lives in a very familiar Cambridge and her life is a strange one. I understand the difference between the two worlds, and that Madeleine and Elliot were communicating through a crack between the worlds.

Cello’s fantastic conflict is resolved by science, communicated through Madeleine’s letter, and Madeleine’s largest problem is solved by the pixie-like Butterfly Child’s healing balls, communicated through Elliot’s letter. Add to that, she never really seemed to be upset with Oxford in the first place. A Corner of White is a fantastic and well-written book about a friendship which grows from letter exchanges and two people from two different worlds.


I highly recommend this book to all readers of all ages. A world where seasons change randomly, where crops are failing and everybody is waiting for the Butterfly Child to come and save them and where Colours are monsters. Fantastical magic realism, perhaps? This is a new to me author and I am very impressed.

The troubles in the Kingdom of Cello are mostly generated by Colors, which are colored, malignant organisms with no apparent thought process. I really liked Elliott and his good heart, and how he looks after a magical Butterfly Child. I’ve also read the next in the series, and look forward to the third. It really resonated with me.

Review: A Corner Of White by Jaclyn Moriarty ·

Elliot’s group of friends were always there for him and all have big personalities and different talents. Trivial, pesky acts of lives had a flair of surrealism in her books. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Her story flows and she has so many beautiful quotes; with most lyrical writers there are snags and a few boring x. Elliot Baranski lives in Bonfire, the Farms, the Kingdom of Cello jaclgn where seasons roam, the Butterfly Child sleeps in a glass jar, and bells warn of attacks from dangerous Colours.

Friends of mine had used promising words like weird and whimsical in their reviews, expressions that happily rolled around in my mind like dogs in a puddle. But Elliot refuses to believe it.

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See and discover other items: In this beautiful blend of contemporary and fantasy, Cello felt as real as our world. I’m pantsless now, Jaclyn Moriarty. Learn more about Amazon Prime. A Corner of White is the first book in a new series by Jaclyn Moriarty.

I want you to open a new document and type up a list of three problems in your life. Such a perfect sentence, saying so much with so little. I felt let down that the weird and wonderful Kingdom of Cello didn’t achieve it’s full potential and the characters weren’t doing anything interesting enough to make me xorner about them. Purple attacks are usually fatal but they have also been known to kill one person and take another hostage.


Madeline and her mother have run away from her father and now live in Cambridge, a far cry from their previous lives where they had all the comfort An unexpectedly sweet and riveting read, A Corner of White follows two teenagers in vastly different worlds, who find solace and comfort in one another amidst their problems.

A Corner of White

I skimmed a lot of this book, I didn’t really care about the chapters about Jack and Belle. And I’ll do precisely that as soon as I can. Happily books two and three have already been released! Quotes from A Corner of White. His dad used to run an electronics repair store before he disappeared on the same night that his brother died and a teacher from the local school went missing. The book is a rich, comforting blend of superbly written contemporary fiction and well realised fantasy — resulting in a unique read that will undoubtably appeal to many readers.

Also Unfortunately, I’m not a very wyite person. Once I got passed that I would be seeing two s worlds threw different eyes, I got used to the flow of the story and by the end I actually liked the omriarty POVs. She was hungry and wanted lunch, but she wanted me to keep reading: I have read A Corner of White twice in the space of one month.

Madeleine wears all the colours of the world because she sees no colours in the world around her. It didn’t feel like reading dialogue, it felt like I was right there in the conversation with the characters!