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ST 2SA PNP Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for audio power amplifier The transistor is subdivided into two groups, O and Y, according to its DC current. PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor. Absolute . Design. This datasheet contains the design specifications for This datasheet contains specifications on a product. The 2SAA transistor might have a current gain anywhere between and The gain of the 2SAA-O will be in the range from to , 2SAA-Y .

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Shenzhen Antech Electronics Limited. Determination of Monomer and Isomers in Isocyanates. Isaac August 24, at 8: Repair Tips Popular Comments.

A Datasheet, PDF – Qdatasheet

Having done this much, restored the LM audio IC circuit, by providing all the missing components, looking through the markings on the board. Likes 4 Dislikes 0. But it’s great to see these old models pulled out of retirement by if I may say it us old geezers and put back into service!

November 2, But without service manual or schematic these things probably always will remain a small mystery. On suspicion of failing on load, I replaced a few capacitors and resistors in the vertical trxnsistor section that goes to the vertical coil. Hi my dear jestine.


Схемы, Data Sheet, Документация, Программы

Mounted a small speaker in the space available between the PCB and front cover, soldering a two pin connector at the end and inserted it transsistor the socket provided at the rear, where the original speaker was connected. So, I experimented with SL and SK mounting it in opposite direction of Transistor mounting marked on board, as the Base, Collector and Emitter were in reverse order in these two transistors.

Shenzhen Win Source Electronic Co. These are before cleaning the top acrylic cover. In Flexure Dual Cantilever Beam.

Continuous Measurement by Ethylene Chemiluminescence. So, I knew the problem was lying in and around there.

(PDF) A928 Datasheet download

Determination of the Isocyanate Content of Aromatic Isocyanates. C and C Forgings and Extrusions. Determination of the Isomer Content of Toluenediisocyanate. If any of you are interested in looking at this antique piece, here is the link: Fmh23n50e 23n50e Transistor Fmh23n50e To-3p 2sk K Shenzhen Mygroup Electronics Limited.

They used UPC for osc.

Development of Data Quality Objectives. The first suspicion on such failures will be on the pots.

100PCS 2SC2328 TO92 C2328A C2328 2SC2328A TO-92 Triode Transistor Free Shipping

To be able to compare them with their specs and with each other. That time, I did a thorough cleaning of the PCB and inside, replaced all the electrolytic capacitors on the board, lubricated switches and connectors etc.


Shenzhen S-Mart Electronics Co.

As you will notice from the rear cover picture given on the top, it had facility for AC input. After discharging the anode, disconnected the anode wire and looked through the IC datasheet that I had downloaded long back. Hi Chad, It is great to hear from you again. Shenzhen HS Electronic Limited. Xian Yima Optoelec Co. Because there was not much space inside the TV, fixing a heat zinc was not possible. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Thanks,im happy to see y Base to Emitter was checked as a routine exam. Shenzhen Xinzhongtai Electronic Technology Co. My receiver has no inflated cap on power boar Shenzhen Res Electronics Limited.

Shenzhen Mingshunxin Electronics Co. It worked well, but again to my surprise the transistor was getting warm. The C was showing abnormally low HFE when compared to the new one.