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Looking for Aboakyer Festival? Find out information about Aboakyer Festival. Type of Holiday: Religious Date of Observation: First Saturday in May Where. Every May the people of the Ghanaian coastal town of Winneba celebrate their migration from Timbuktu with a traditional hunt, known as the Aboakyer festival. The Chiefs and People of Effutu Traditional Council have launched their Aboakyer festival to Mobilize funds to.

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Eventually a bush buck, which resembles a deer, replaced the leopard, which is why the annual ceremony is often referred to as the Deer-Hunting Festival.

Spotlight: The Aboakyer Festival (Ghana) – Face2Face Africa

It has been alleged that every year there are two clans, differentiate by Dentifo and Tuafo in their white and red colors, to go into the forest to capture a live deer and each team that wins attains the benedictions directly from the king. This seemed too high a price to pay, so the people appealed to Otu and he relented, saying that he would accept a live wildcat instead. Nevertheless, the Tuafo white clan regardless the effort of the red team to fuel their battle, went into the forest since last night to capture the live deer.

Mahama throws blows at NPP on 37th anniversary of 31 December revolution. Box Accra, Ghana ; fax: Deer Hunt The traditional hunt to find a sacrificial deer lies at the heart of the Aboakyer Festival. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There are a lot of barriers to ensure the safety of the people during and after of the ceremony.


Aboayker Aboakyer Festival, commonly known as the Deer-Hunting festival, is an annual festival that is celebrated on the first Saturday of May each year in the West African country, Ghana. December 31st Watch Night Service: With an incandescent passion matched only by her abundant ambition and prodigious talent, Ms.

Visit Our Online Store. Sandra has been listed in Forbes 30 Under The traditional Effutu rulers use them to enforce their authority, and the companies often play a role when conflicts arise aboakyeg the national militia and civilians.

Monday, December 31, Teddy Hayford Acquah acknowledged the significance of the festival and intimated MTN will continue to support festivals of this nature.

Togolese woman dies onboard Metro Mass Transit December 31, First Saturday in May Where Celebrated: To their astonishment, the god asked for a human sacrifice, someone from the royal family. Chiefs pushing for rich culture to be streamed live to the world Source: They brought their god, known as Penkye Otu, with them. Replacement of a human sacrifice to a tribal god with deer hunting What happens: The Folklore of World Holidays. People from all walks of life are present to witness the respective festival and the atmosphere is more than fun; fueled with spiritual embracement of the true culture of the people of Winneba.

They proceed first to where Penkye Otu is housed and then to the village chief’s palace, where they are received by the royal family. Then they set out for the bush in opposite directions, and the first to return with a live deer is declared the winner.

Spotlight: The Aboakyer Festival (Ghana)

A chief who has the Asafo companies behind him rarely has to worry about challenges to his authority. Then the animal is taken back to the village, aboaakyer dancing aboskyer drumming continue in an effort to placate Penkye Otu so that he will bring them a bountiful year.


To mark the festival, the people sought out the wild cat, as had been prescribed. When the first deer is caught, the victorious company brings it back alive and presents it proudly to their chief.

Aboakyer festival: The deer hunters of Ghana

Meanwhile, the police have assured of the best security during the festive program. This story was sang in war chants and protected until it could be inscribed in English. Search Submit Advertisement Advertisement.

After the presentation, abowkyer was to be beheaded as a sacrifice. On the first day of the festival, the two Asafo Companies warrior groups in Winneba take part in a hunting expedition. The first troop to catch a live bushbuck from a game reserve used for this purpose and present it to gestival chiefs and people at a colorful durbar is declared winner and is highly regarded for bravery. The victorious hunters are treated like heroes for keeping Penkye Otu happy so that he will bring them a bountiful year.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The chief recounted the enormous opportunities the festival opens for the people of the Efutu and wants more of such opportunities to be opened if the festival is branded properly and showcased to the world. Languages Deutsch Edit links.