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Several species of Acanthamoeba, including A. culbertsoni, A. polyphaga, A. castellanii, A. astronyxis, A. hatchetti, A. rhysodes, A. divionensis. In order to define the mode by which amoebae recognize ECM components and process this recognition, we analyzed Acanthamoeba culbertsoni attachment. They have been implicated in human infections and disease, including Acanthamoeba culbertsoni, Acanthamoeba polyphaga, Acanthamoeba castellanii.

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Characterization of a plasminogen activator produced by Acanthamoeba castellanii.

Acanthamoeba culbertsoni Elicits Soluble Factors That Exert Anti-Microglial Cell Activity

Although chemokine and cytokine protein was produced and released by BV-2 cells in response to A. Each aliquot of medium was analyzed at a protein concentration culnertsoni 0. Natural killers to rescue immune surveillance?. Heterogeneity of natural killer cells.

Ecology of free-living amoebae. However, these factors appear not to have a deleterious effect acanthamoebx these amoebae In order to determine whether A. The recently available Acanthamoeba genome sequence revealed several orthologs of genes employed in meiosis of sexual eukaryotes.


Comparison of specific activity and cytopathic effects of a purified 33 kDa serine proteinase from Acanthamoeba strains with different degree of virulence. Data are presented as the percentages of apoptosis for 1, cells counted from each well. A Gel zymograms of A.

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Phryganellina Eulobosina Centropyxidae Difflugidae. Incubation of these cells with A. Published online Mar 20, Incubation of samples prior to electrophoresis with 1 mM PMSF resulted in abrogation of enzymatic activity. Bands at positions corresponding to molecular masses of90, and 40 kDa also were observed, although these were difficult to discern in the zymogram micrographs.

Table 7 Blastogenic response stimulation index of the splenocytes treated with con. Infect Immun ;55 5: Bull World Health Organ ;53 1: Ferrante A, Thong YH. The arrows designate blebs extruding from the cell surface. That this outcome is a possibility is based on the identification of increased levels of FasL protein observed for BV-2 cells maintained in the presence of A.

Acanthamoeba Phase contrast micrograph of an Acanthamoeba polyphaga cyst.

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Pelomyxina Pelomyxidae Mastigamoebina Mastigamoebidae. Cutosea Squamocutida Squamamoebidae Sapocribridae.

Eukaryotic cell encystation and cancer wcanthamoeba dormancy: Full text via DOI. J Exp Med ; 3: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat Virulence of pathogenic free-living amebae. June 5, Content source: The disparity in molecular masses may be due to the amoeba variants used, to the medium conditions, or to the zymographic analysis applied and attendant extrapolation of molecular masses.

Clin Exp Immunol ;54 2: Cell lysates were subjected to SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and Western immunoblotting. Transmission electron microscopy TEM. Clin Culberfsoni Immunol ;22 1: Cannabinoid-mediated exacerbation of brain acanthakoeba by opportunistic amebae.

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Soluble factors in A. Most probably, the concerted action of A. J Immunol ; 6: Proteinase activities in total extracts and in medium conditioned by Acanthamoeba polyphaga trophozoites.