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Personnel not directly employed by a government agency e. The necessity of having a thorough environmental auditing program cannot be overemphasized.

Checklist to Assist in Evaluating Whether Commercial Chemical Products are Solid and Hazardous Waste Under RCRA This memorandum, dated Maytransmits a separate revised memorandum that provides guidance and a checklist for evaluating the regulatory status of materials that would, under usual circumstances, be commercial chemical products CCPs. Title V Operating Permit Policy and Guidance Document Index EPA has issued over policy and guidance documents that help to interpret the Part 70 and 71 permit requirements and are available to view in a sortable index.

This 26 June EPA webinar covered the basics of source water protection–from source water assessments to implementation partnership building–and showcased one of EPA’s tools, DWMAPS, which can be used to update source water assessments and protection plans, prepare utilities for emergency situations, and support partnerships efforts.

Factors in Decisions on Criminal Prosecutions for Environmental Violations in the Context of Significant Voluntary Compliance or Disclosure Efforts by the Violator This memo includes factors that DOJ considers important in evaluating whether to prosecute environmental violations.

Pesticide Chemical Search is designed to consolidate information related to pesticide chemicals active ingredientsmaking it easier to find related regulatory and scientific information.

In this document, dated 1 Decemberthe Department of Justice, said that the Pentagon had no legal grounds to resist cleanup orders from the EPA. The portal contains current and historical data including water levels, water quality, lithology, and well construction. This is a database is designed to enable users to locate documents, including publications and other outreach materials, that cover a wide range of RCRA issues and topics.

A professional organization dedicated to the development and professional practice of environmental, health, and safety EHS auditing. Compliance Auditing ASTM E, Standard Guide for Environmental Compliance Performance Assessment This guide is an organized collection of information and series of options for industry, regulators, auditors, consultants and the public, intended to measure compliance with environmental performance standards against established benchmarks.

Published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration NARAthe Federal Register is the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents. Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling Classroom, Multiple Offerings This day-long training provides the skills to develop, manage, monitor, document and promote a successful recycling program for construction and demolition debris.


Published 1 Augustthis document describes Audit Policy incentives tailored for new owners that want to make a “clean start” at their recently acquired facilities by addressing environmental noncompliance that began prior to acquisition.

The overall goal of the course is for attendees to come away with an understanding of principles and techniques for maintaining a professional demeanor while managing conflict, as well as knowledge of strategies that help keep a conflict from getting in the way of productivity.

It is designed to be used by anyone interested in reducing runoff from a property.

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The Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform’s state regulations locator tool. These documents provide a simple and straightforward description of the rule and requirements.

Enforcement at Federal Facilities. Enforcement and Compliance at Federal Facilities Formerly known as the “Yellow Book” this website compendium of information provides field-level personnel a primer for complying with environmental for and understanding the enforcement and compliance processes used by EPA at federal facilities. FEMP designed the map to help agencies decide where to implement rainwater harvesting projects.

Local Limits Development Guidance. It was designed for use by watershed and stormwater practitioners to develop, evaluate, and select optimal Wccessible combinations at various watershed scales on the basis of cost and effectiveness. Code of Federal Regulations. The MSGP requires operators to electronically submit notices of intent Qccessibleannual reports, notices of termination NOTsdischarge monitoring reports DMRsand no exposure certifications unless the EPA Regional Office has granted the operator an electronic reporting waiver, in which case the operator may mail the paper forms.

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These are presidential documents which require Federal facilities to perform an action, participate in an activity, or develop and implement an environmental-related policy. NEIC is the only environmental forensic center accredited for environmental data measurement formbet. An online, interactive tool to help estimate specific regulatory requirements as related reciprocating internal combustion engines RICE. Asbestos Activities Training Classroom.

This memo includes factors that DOJ considers important in evaluating whether to prosecute environmental violations.

This map provides information about rainwater harvesting regulations throughout the United States. The Reviews are accessigle to alert environmental decision makers, planners and program managers of developments potentially relevant to their overall responsibilities. The source for all things accessible.


The webcast presentation will be posted in advance. The tool prompts users to submit treatment technology information, alternative pollution reduction techniques and their costs and efficiencies, and financing information, as well as explain where that information can be found.

Scroll down the UIC overview page to reach this tool. Army Corps of Engineers jointly released proposed rule to clarify protection under the Clean Water Act for streams and accessiblw that form the foundation fform the nation’s water resources. Port Compliance This web site was put together as part of a port industry focus group effort. This is EPA’s first “how-to” manual on designing and implementing water quality trading programs.

Revised Agricultural Worker Protection Standard This site provides information on the revised standard and how best to comply. Conferences and Events February Facilitation skills are used to form productive accfssible, plan programs, and to implement controversial projects.

The site includes calculators to estimate emissions from boilers fired by: The purpose of this guide is to make people who use and discard solvents aware of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act RCRA hazardous waste regulations and assist them in making correct hazardous waste determinations for solvents. Strategic Plan and Guidance.

For most, all one needs is a location, waterbody name or zip code to begin. In some cases, these additional provisions have been included as supplementary information.

This EPA website provides a review of the CWA provisions and its applicability and enforceability at federal facilities. It also provides information on green products, P2 opportunities and best practices related to a particular facility activity. This memorandum, dated Maytransmits a separate revised memorandum that provides guidance and a checklist for evaluating the regulatory status of materials that would, under usual circumstances, be commercial chemical products CCPs.

Please note the water quality standards may contain additional provisions outside the scope of the Clean Water Act, its implementing federal regulations, or EPA’s authority.


Introduction to Emission Inventories Web-based Sponsored by EPA’s APTI, this introductory course is designed to assist air pollution professionals and others in understanding the process of developing an air emissions inventory. Strategic Plan and Guidance This site details the steps to be taken towards meeting the EPA water program’s strategic plans. Facilitation Skills for Environmental Professionals Classroom, Multiple Offerings Facilitation skills are used to form productive teams, plan programs, and to implement controversial projects.