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Document Name: ACI 3 1 8: Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete CFR Section(s): 30 CFR (d)(1) Standards Body: American Concrete. BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. ACI Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI ) and MANUAL OF CONCRETE PRACTICE CODE COMMENTARY.

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The radius of gyration, r, may be taken equal to 0. The reinforced concrete portion shall be designed to carry all loads imposed between metal core brackets or connections at a stress of not more than 0. The wire of the welded fabric shall be of not less than No.

When minimum steel tie requirements of c 3189-2 fol- lowed and the contact surface is rough and clean psi 4. At the face of the column, pedestal or wall, for footings sup- porting a concrete column, pedestal or wall 2.

The clear spacing be- tween spirals shall not exceed 3 in. Slabs where plain bars are used 0.

ACI 318: Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete

Where longitudinal bars are offset at a splice, the slope of the inclined portion of the bar with the axis of the column shall not exceed 1 in 6, and 381-92 portions of the bar above and below the Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on Strains vary sci with depth through the entire load range. Sleeves, pipes, or conduits of any material not harmful to concrete and within the limitations of this section may be embedded in the concrete with the approval of the engineer provided they are not considered to replace the displaced concrete.

Pretensioning — A method of prestressing in which the tendons are tensioned before the concrete is placed.

Special brackets shall be used to receive the entire floor load at each floor level. Shear as a measure of diagonal tension shall be computed in conformance with Section or Note that concrete strengths are based on standard 6 x in. Where acu load to be supported is definitely known, the structure shall 381-92 analyzed for that load. A yield strength in excess of 60, psi shall not be considered for shear reinforcement.


Building Code Requirements for Structural Plain Concrete Aci 318-92

In flat slab construction, it shall be the clear distance between the floor and the lower extremity of the capital, the drop panel or the 318–92, whichever is least.

Where the exterior zci provide only negligible restraint to the slab, the values of tx and t2 for the exterior panel shall be increased by at least 15 percent. The flange shall be assumed to act as a cantilever. When openings are 138-92 within the area common to two column strips, that part of the critical section shall be considered ineffective which either passes through an opening, or is covered by a radial projection of any opening to the centroid of the support.

Mortar cubes made with nonpotable mixing water shall have 7-day and day strengths equal to at least 90 percent of the strengths of similar speci- mens made with potable water.

Full text of “ACI Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete”

Spiral bound to lie flat. Where a reinforced concrete beam frames into a column without capital or bracket on the same side with the beam, for computing bending for strips parallel to the beam, the value of c for the span considered may be taken as the width of the column plus twice the projection of the beam above or below the slab or drop panel. One layer consisting of not less than one- half and not more than two-thirds the total required shall be placed not less than 2 in.

For symmetrical spiral columns: The limits of thick- ness and quantity of reinforcement required by Section shall be waived where structural analysis shows adequate strength and stability. Persons with a bona fide interest in the Institute’s field of endeavor are invited to investigate membership.


The shear stresses given 3118-92 Section c 2 shall not be exceeded following the pro- cedure of Section b. If the total torsional stiffness in the plane of a continuous system at a joint 138-92 not exceed 20 percent of the flexural stiff- ness at the joint, the torsional stiffness need not be taken into account in the analysis.

Where the ratio of short to long span is less than 0. Each paper is indexed by title, author, and major subject classifications; about 18, entries. The reinforcing spiral shall extend from the floor level in any story or from the top of the footing to the level of the lowest horizontal reinforcement in the slab, drop panel, or beam above.

These shall be used for computations of shear and for loadings on supports.

Points of abrupt change in section shall be adequately reinforced. Longitudinal location of bends and ends ack bars: In the case of the reinforcement in the short direction, that portion determined by Eq.

A column strip consisting of the two adjacent quarter-panels, one each side of the column center line. Users are free to copy, use, and redistribute the work in part or 318-9 whole.

The shear stresses at sections between the face of the support and the sec- tion a distance d therefrom shall not be considered critical.

Jacking force — The temporary force exerted by the device which in- troduces the tension into the tendons. Such analyses and test data acii be furnished by the contractor to the en- gineer.