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Download French Coptic Agpeya apk for Android. Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines. Description. Agpeya Copte en Fran├žais. Screenshots. Agpeya Francais Screenshot Web Marketplace. Agpeya Francais icon. v Free. This application is the Coptic Orthodox Agpeya prayers book (book of the hours) brought to you with High Definition audio including bible psalms from the liturgy.

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The Third Hour commemorated three significant events: The Agpeya is primarily used by the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Much better sound quality!!! The hours are chronologically laid out, each containing a theme corresponding to events in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. Twelfth Hour, commemorates the burial of Christ.

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It contains prayers for seven different hours to be said throughout the day. Download the best Bible in French apps and strengthen the good word in this beautiful language. The application now plays in the background with the screen locked!!

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Agpeya Francais

Read, listen and study the Bible in Chinese quickly and easily. The Sixth Hour reminds us of the crucifixion and passion of Christ.

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Coptic Agpeya Arabic Audio & Text

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