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Shoji Nishio (c ). Shoji Nishio’s lifetime of accomplishments included numerous rankings and honors in Japanese martial arts including 8th dan in Aikido. Nishio sensei starts volume 3 by contrasting aikido with other martial arts he has practiced, particularly referring to judo and karate, saying that aikido is a lot.

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Shoji Nishio – Wikipedia

I was told to go and take a look at Aikido, but I never went back to karate! When he arrived the building was a mess, windows blown out from the bombings, and no one was there but an old caretaker. The re-education of the younger instructors is necessary for people in the present time who would have the goal of reconstructing Aikido as I have discussed. Even so, he personally maintained a good nsihio with Hombu and with O Sensei.

Nishikaze Aikido Society of America

Thank you for posting it! In Nishio retired from his government job at the mint and was free to devote himself fully to his training and teaching. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Whichever dojo you go to they never end on time, so there would be people training for about an hour after the regular Aikido class finished. This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or aiikido linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks aikkdo citations.


Articles lacking in-text citations from October All articles lacking in-text citations Articles containing Japanese-language text Wikipedia external links cleanup from November Wikipedia spam cleanup from November One thing I’m really curious about is whether the exotic chiburi and noto moves employed in some of the nisyio sword” forms have some hidden meaning I would guess these are just randomly picked for fun from various schools Nishio sensei has studied.

The oldest brother was the Sakamoto-san from Kita Ward that I mentioned earlier. Both Doshu and Yamaguchi-san have already passed on though. That was not a cause for concern.

So everyone came after having tried something else. In this way Aikido can avoid drifting into irrelevance and instead continue to grow and evolve into the future. NishikazeAikido TV is available to everyone regardless of affiliation to help you explore Aikido in incredible new ways.

Not only in aikido, but in all martial arts there is the tendency to try to parry the attack. I selected the tapes for this review myself instead of watching other people’s questionable choices. Nishio liked the hard training, but by the age of 23 he was becoming dissatisfied with the practical limitations that competition placed on judo. Unlike the ceiling of a normal house, this had a square ceiling like a shrine.

Well, you could say that he was the first professional in Aikido. Konishi said that Ueshiba was the best martial artist he had ever known.


He died in March aged Worn out tatami — the bare boards were showing through. And Nishio sensei is very fast, if he didn’t explain from time to time what he is doing, you could easily miss more than half of it. There were children, and there were times when I thought that it was just enough, that I should just devote myself to my work.

Interview with Aikido Shihan Shoji Nishio

Of course, nobody knew what Aikido was at that time, but the people were already gathering together and at some point I became the manager. Right from the start, the value of a Budo is determined by comparisons with other Budo.

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Why has the substance of Aikido technique been lost? Even so, Ueshiba offered little explanation about the what and how of his Aikido.

Nishio was born in Aomori Prefecture of Japan in Our first view reaction: For nishioo, the number of throwing techniques done in Aikido was being limited to mainly only iriminage, shihonage, and kotegaeshi.