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(6) Jika ingin melihat keberadaan hadith pada semua kitab yang terkandung dalam program Maktabah al-Syamilah, tekan butang “Jami’ Kutub. He is the Al-Mahdi descendant of Fatima radhiyallahu ‘anha as mentioned in the (An-Nihayah Fil Malafim wal Fitan, 1/17, Maktabah Syamilah Program) From. “Al-Mahdi is from my descendants of the descendants of Fatima. (An-Nihayah Fil Malafim wal Fitan, 1/17, Maktabah Syamilah Program) From Ibn Mas’ud.

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Choose a drive where there are at least 4 to 6 Gigabytes of free space. This installation requires only about 20 MB of space. If there is internet connection, it should search for new program matabah and new books. If there are any new books, ssyamilah should show them as checkbox items. Then choose the book you want to download. You can also search by book title or author name.

The books are in. However, what you download is compressed in a zip archive.


So, after you download, extract the content of the zip archive to get the. Browse to the location where you extracted the new book in. Click on the book or books you want to import, and drag it over to the bottom list. Then download a book. Extract the content of the zip file. Then follow the same steps as discussed for the Shamela. Visit the page http: If it is book designed for the Shaamila library, follow the same steps as those described for Shamela.

I recently downloaded the Shamela but the menus and text is garbled ie not in Arabic. I download from islamport, version 2. In Windows XP and Vista:. In any case, change all available language-related options to Arabic and restart your computer.

The following link is a page maktbaah the official website that contains many links related to the Shaamila:. As salamu, alaykum where can i buy the cd for the shamela if there is any jazaakum allaah. You can use the download if you have proper means to do so. May Allah bless all your effort. I would have loved, from the bottom of my heart, to send you not only one copy but tens of copies only if I could.

For sya,ilah current time, I recommend that you either ask a brother in your location or an Islaamic center to check if they have it; or, you could download it from here as explained above in the post.

I am trying to install al-shamila to my computer. Let us assume you extract it to X: Do u any one know how to install shamela in linux? I received your comment early but was busy installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine on my Vista to try it myself before answering. It seems that I need more time to download certain packages so I will give you the suggestion and you try it:. Try installing the software Wine for your Linux and then try running the Shaamila through it.


Brother, if you have installed any of the versions of the library, then you can download the latest update from this link as provided above also:.

May Allaah reward you and grant you steadfastness on His religion. I was explaining something for the brother who asked before you.

You can also download Arabic books from: And English books from: May Allah reward you. If you mean the library itself, it is too huge to be sent by e-mail MB. If you mean the update, you can download it from this link: Plus, if your connection is slow, you can use the torrent method. Sending it by e-mail will not make the situation any better but rather worse.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah!

Please i need help from anyone who could assit me. Please any assistance whatsoever is highly appreciated. Well, this library is only for Arabic books. Alhamdulillah i was able to install shamila on my computer, but there seems to be one problem and that is when i try to search any particular text in any particular book the search dosent seem to start, can anyone please notify me as to how i can overcome this problem? Then select the book s that you like to search in, by checking their checkboxes and then type in the search term s you want.

Salam alaikum warahmatullah I did all the steps in to getting this software but the problem is when I go to library I dont see setup. Brother as it is illustrated in the sya,ilah when you open the Library folder it should contain the Setup.

WineHQ Forums • View topic – Maktabah Syamilah on wine

You could try extracting the file again to another location and if the anti-virus asks to delete the file ignore it. If there is not then it could indicate that there is a problem in your computer. I would like to ask if there is aversion that maktavah run in android smart phone or Android Tab or Ipad? Actually this program is in. What maktabaj can do instead is to download books that you want to read in PDF format or TXT or any other format and read it on those devices. It is better than nothing.

Assakamoalaikum, i want the real and the latest syamilaah alshamila,but the original books,s. This version is only books.

You can use the links above to download. There is also the books in the other post where you can use the links to download them. I wanted convenient download without some registration process which I encountered last time I tried to download Shamela. I downloaded and installed but my OS XP in russiun. In order to to change the language of your Windows system, go to the Control Panel which you can find in my computer or the start menu then syamiah the Regional and Language Options.

Then change all the language options to the language you want.

If your question is about having difficulty viewing the conents of the library, simply enable support for Arabic in the Language Options in the Control Panel which I pointed to above.


I have already written a post about the Maktaba Shamila for mobile phones. Visit that post and you will find that all the books are available as text files in zip packs.

All you need on any mobile phone is simply a text reader with Arabic support to view any of the books. It depends on the nature of maktabaj PDF file that you want to convert. For the time being, forgive me syamilay not being sble to provide more information but I can recommend searching for it in the Shamila forums or in Google.

This has been reported to me before. However, at best guess it is simply a false positive warning from Avast. I have scanned it with Avira AntiVir and syamilzh finds no virus in it. If syqmilah are not feeling safe about installing it, you can instead download the other version from the following page: Brother try to find the option of extended support for eastern languages and turn that on.

If it asks for the Windows 7 installation CD, insert it and restart. Take a look maktabbah Dear brother, can you give a suggestion about the link to Shamila forum?

I want to export several books from shamila into independent. How to do it? Brother the following website is completely dedicated to the Shamila: Regarding export, open the Shamila.

المكتبة الشاملة – Maktabah Shamilah

In the dialog box that opens, select as many as you need and specify that you want to export them in. Does the Shamela program work properly on Windows 7 64 Bit Home? Or Does it only maktaah on the 32 Bit version of Windows 7? I have just installed Maktaba Shamila But it language is not read able. I think it requires a particular font or language plug-in. Please guide me where to download it. At this point I get this message:. Your version of may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.

Is it possible to download all of the books from the Islamport and Meshkat all at once rather than individually?? However, I have read reports from users about successfully using it on Windows 7. I hope it works without problems. As for Linux, you can try running it with Wine, or with an application called Thwab that is made to import Shamela. For Wine, you may Google how to add support for Arabic fonts. As for Mac, I do not know of any version for it.

Here is their website: If the problem is still there, try installing the VB aal files: