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Buy Create Dangerously (Penguin Modern) by Albert Camus (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Create Dangerously. A Lecture by Albert Camus. December 14, at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. An Oriental wise man always. Inspired by Albert Camus’ lecture, “Create Dangerously,” and combining memoir and essay, Danticat tells the stories of artists, including herself, who create.

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But this negation, maintained so long that it is now rigid, has become artificial too and leads to another sort of sterility. To create today is to create dangerously. In order to reproduce properly what is, one must depict also what will be. Even living dangerrously a vacuum is in a sense a commentary on the outside world.

So let’s be realistic. For in my opinion, and this is where I shall close, it is there. Delivered inCamus’ Create Dangerously speech seems just as applicable today as then. Our peasants had read too much Proust”, Camus points out, and not ironically at all: Camus captures that atmosphere of his time, one that is reproduced in the present.

The artist constantly lives in such a state of ambiguity, incapable of negating the real and yet eternally bound to question it in its eternally unfinished aspects. There is no need of determining whether art must flee reality or defer to it, but rather what precise dose of reality the work must take on as ballast to keep from floating up among the clouds or from dragging along the ground with weighted boots.

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Create Dangerously by Albert Camus

If it adapts itself to what the majority of our society wants, art will be a meaningless recreation. In this way the manufacturers of art I did not say the artists of middle-class Europe, before and afteraccepted irresponsibility because responsibility presupposed a painful break with their society those who really broke with it are named RimbaudNietzscheStrindbergand we know the price they paid. They’re essays whose messages could probably ultimately be boiled down to single aphoristic sentences, but they’re so nicely phrased you’ll be happy they weren’t.


For Camus, the problem is more complex than just the artist fighting against or capitulating to the state: For Camus, who fought against the Nazis as part of the French Resistance, attacks against intelligence were part and parcel, not just of Nazi Germany, but of greater Europe: They spend their time shouting this.

For a value or a virtue to take root in a society, there must be no lying about it; in other words, we must pay for it every time we can.

Create Dangerously! | Creative Infrastructure

Sufficient allowance is never made for it, and, quite naturally, from art barbarism extends to morals. Which is totally understandable, but I believe it’s impossible to be an artist and NOT commenting on the world Three essays or speeches by Albert Camus.

With it the artist simultaneously pays homage to the loftiest figure of mankind and bows down before the worst of criminals. To make a good omelet it is not enough to break thousands of eggs, and the value of a cook is not judged, I believe by the number of broken eggshells.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Danticat eulogizes an aunt who guarded her family’s homestead cams the Haitian countryside, a cousin who died of AIDS while living in Miami as an undocumented alien, and a renowned Haitian radio journalist whose political assassination shocked the world. Jun 18, Michelle rated it liked it. But when even the simplest words and phrases cost their weight in freedom and blood, the artist must learn to handle them with restraint.


Its only natural that art has followed this trail, and that art reflects these greater changes within our society wlbert within the human world. In another essay he speaks about the concept of freedom and whether we are really free within the confines of society.

Create Dangerously

This ‘powerful speech’ has been accompanied by two other pieces, which were also delivered orally, entitled ‘Defences of Intelligence’ and ‘Bread and Freedom’. So she has been taken in, given a room on the top floor, and is welcome in the kitchen. There are many reasons, right now, why this a problem for artists of all sorts, but writers especially. I came across this speech on, of all places, my twitter albetr.

Aug 28, Miguel Vega rated it it was amazing Shelves: Instead of being a judge, he is dangeroudly justifier. When someone did not approve, he could always keep silent or talk of something else. So, create dangerously, but also be fearless in creating new meaning.

An Oriental wise man always used crrate ask the divinity in his prayers to be so kind as to spare him from living in an interesting era. First Speech ‘Create Dangerously’ can be safely read if you are an artist. Notify me of new comments via email.