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INTRODUCTION:This work deals with issues related to the partnership between the public sector, SUS and SUAS, making a theoretical and empirical work on. 13; student movements, 26, 31, 37, 45, 69, 79, 97, solidarity, popular, Sposati, Aldaiza, , State Public Housing Commission (CDHU),i04 UNE. São Paulo SP Brasil. [email protected] Abstract. After 30 years in force, CF must be salvaged and commemorated but also evaluated in .

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Over those 30 years, neither a directive unit nor a treatment isonomy of social protection among Brazilians was constructed. It was not explicit whether these would be profitable or not; however, the intended security of rights splsati indicate a non-market interpretation.

It has limited its links with republicanism, secularism, and the social rights of citizenship.

There has been an undermining of social security resources. This absence has been aggravated by the complexities of Brazilian society, in which new risks, aggravations and forms of violence and discrimination blur the supposed borders between areas of policy that constitute the social security system and compromise its future viability in the absence of strategies and mechanisms that articulate the interfaces and externalities of the services of these policies in the presence of the objective life conditions of citizens in the territories in which they live, who are aldiaza by the diversity of regions of the country.

Displacement of social security and social disprotection in Brazil

This overlap has led to a tacit protocol through which the State has been financing and, since, the Brazilian colony missions of religious works have been dressing up such sacralized responses as republican recommendations. No avenues of mutual accessibility were installed through the operation of the three policies and even for the most simplified, which could have allowed for integrated operation when applied to common areas of care.

These determinations not only conflict with those of the dictatorial period preceding it but were also shown to be minimally attractive to neoliberal forces in Brazil in the late s and early s and are now widely recognized as conservative.

Note that benefits for children vary in value those earning more get moreconditionalities more is required from those earning lessage extensive in age for those alxaiza more and restrictive for those who earn lessand cumulativeness cumulative for those earning more and controlled such that it does not apply for those earning less.


References to social security in CF represented sposai great innovation that presented themselves as a secular promise that detached from divine promise overcame the individual responsibility for social protection.

Finally, the third hypothesis suggests that the intensity of conservative forces based on individualism in its minimal state has disqualified social protection as a wldaiza right. The limited accumulation of collective forces in the area of social assistance did not prove strong enough to change traditions. To achieve Cebas-Education certification, it is necessary to maintain a link with the University for All Program Programa Universidade para Todos — Prouniwhich grants study scholarships.

These general traits allow us to propose three main analytical hypotheses that guide this essay. This misguided duality amalgamated the orientation of social law to charity, merging them with social assistance like Siamese sisters. The principle of subsidiarity was its driver. This Scandinavian reality does not seem to be easily demonstrated in the Latin American system and especially in the Brazilian one. It is an almost insane effort to understand that resources for maintaining social welfare are undermined in its own public management, which authorizes exemptions from employer tax contributions and which facilitates the maintenance of employer contribution debts that private companies have with welfare, maintaining successive programmes for financing due amounts such that each new programme refinances the unpaid debt of the former programme.

For the data given in Table 2, the forecast did not consider effects that the new labour legislation would have on this coverage or its possible retraction due to unemployment. Inthe FLBA was replaced with the Solidary Community programme maintained by first lady Ruth Cardoso, thus weakening alxaiza constitutional status as a public sppsati of social assistance and causing it to reembark to the realm of charity from first-ladyism.

Subduing the value of a minimum wage, the basic standard of dignity of the Brazilian citizen, and threats of reduction is the antithesis aldalza human ethics whether a Brazilian who is working, retired, disabled, elderly, on medical leave, or a pensioner is concerned.

The second hypothesis refers to the interests of financial capital, which have begun using social protection as an indirect form of private financing.

Aldaiza Sposati

Its management remained devoid of the notion of State duty, republican secularism, and the realm of citizen rights. Through this mutation, social protection currency is coined a commodity of high value and a transgressor of the ethics of human dignity with effective results for the commercialization of neoliberal support founded on socio-economic inequality.


Ina special study identified 8. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in sposagi medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Segmented and partial readings of manifestations of social disprotection are detached from social and economic inequalities resulting from confrontation between social classes, between countries and cities, between ethnic groups, and between genders.

In Brazil, the concept of social security was adopted with the limited political and ideological maturation of society, of the public agents of services, of care involved in social policies, of economic policies, and of social movements. Another group of disparities is found in benefits for children and adolescents in the following realms: In seeking to assert their autonomy and to obtain federal resources, municipalities organized the Municipal Front for the Regulation of Social Assistance under the terms of CF Its funds were diverted to other demands.

No investments were made to strengthen the desired social security unit. There is a considerable difference between coverage standards for soosati prevailing between those who earn less, who are subjected to the selection of environments and who have reduced their attention to emergency standards and those who occupy prominent public positions in the legislature and judiciary and in the military forces.

With unclear indications of what it was to ensure as a duty, it maintained a strong link with pragmatic activism of a specific and emergency nature expressed by relaxed practices for policies of service. It has abandoned an intention of constructing social certainties to perversely assume the role of encouraging the inequality of life conditions between social classes and alvaiza segments. This case-by-case assessment did not examine the quality of services delivered to users, and their low income and the guidance of public policies were not involved in this decision.