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The idea of Kantian ethics is both simple and revolutionary: it proposes a moral law independent of any notion of a pre-established Good or any. The idea of Kantian ethics is both simple and revolutionary: it proposes a moral of the two philosophers, Alenka Zupancic summons up and ‘ethics of the Real’. Ethics of the Real has ratings and 6 reviews. Adam said: Sapere aude + ne pas ceder sur son desir = ∞!Everything recommends this work. In an arc.

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His concept of the Real, however, provides perhaps the most useful backdrop to this new interpretation of Kantian ethics. The Way of Qigong. Fijnzinnig gekaderd in voorbeelden uit literatuur, zoals de onmisbare Sade, Don juan en meer.

Immanuel Kant – – London: Click here to sign up. Ivan rated it really liked it Zupancjc 22, Open Preview See a Problem?

Ethics of the Real

Benny Profane rated it it was amazing Jul 31, That is to say, there is a fundamental gap between the empirical working class, with its lack of identity, and the universal self-conscious pro- letariat which yet has to be attained. In Praise of Disobedience. The ethical subject therefore can not escape responsibility by claiming that his or her act is compelled or determined, ethlcs the subject is its alenkaa determination. Sarah Kay – – Distributed in the Usa by Blackwell. So an ethics of desire is political, and they result from, or are even no different from, the functioning of the Other: Kant, thank God, is not our contemporary; he stands against the grain of our times.

What Ethics of the Real finally demonstrates is that the Real cannot give an ethics and that a politics of jouissance is not politics. His concept of the Real, however, provides perhaps the most useful backdrop to this new interpretation of Kantian ethics.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. This act is accomplished in the frame of the subject’s fundamental hte but because what is at stake is nothing other than this very frame, it ends up ‘outside’ the fantasy, in another field: Wendy Newton and Alan Finger. Richard Dean – – Oxford University Press. At the same time, pure desire coincides with an act. Certainly the psychotic subject is immersed in the Thing.


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One should insist on the uniqueness, the absolute idiosyncrasy, of the ethical act proper-such an act involves its own inherent normativity ethkcs ‘makes it right’; there is no neutral external standard that would enable us to decide in advance, by a simple application to a single case, on its ethical status. Against this conceptual background, the au- reql posits the question of radical evil.

Rethinking Kant by way of Lacan and Lacan by way of Kant, Zupancic claims fidelity to Lacanian theory at the same time it undermines what Lacan describes as an ethics.

The description of the act of subjectification in drive as ethical substitutes description for norm. This is certainly something that surpasses all laws and all human affections. But there is no reason that such an act should be good; it may be no more than an expression of power. Foucault, Lacan, and the Question of Ethics. What then is specifically ethical in drive or in subjectification in the drive?

Ethics of the Real: Kant, Lacan – Alenka Zupančič, Alenka Zupancic – Google Books

Zupancic’s analysis is so honest and thorough that it has to admit that the structure of the act-Kant’s form as its own content-cannot provide an ethics; it can only tell what subjectification is. Lacan in his seminars consistently criticizes utilitarian ethics, which he defines as the good of the market place.

If desire gives the moral law, it follows that “the only thing one can be guilty of is giving ground relative to one’s desire” VII, Brandon rated it it was amazing Jul 26, The coincidence of the zupanxic with the moral law, the categorical imperative to act in such a way that one’s act will give a universal rule, describes what is ethical.


Miller here hedges suggestively: From die Logic of Illusion to die Postulates. Sign up here for discounts and quicker purchasing. John Rajchman – or Routledge. But since the object can never be reached, desire “in its pure state” has to be conceived from the impossible position of death, the perspective religion traditionally assigned to the immortality of the soul or to eternity: Moustafa Safouan, for example, identifies the prohibition of murder and of lying and the obligation incurred with the gift together with the incest prohibition as rea fundamental social regulations Safouan, Nicholas Caffarilla rated it it was ok Aug 08, Jul 30, Whitney rated it really liked it Shelves: However, to become the signifier of desire is to incarnate the phallus; this is etgics to take up an ethical position but, eghics, one of narcissism, since it is the function of the dead father to occupy the place that will assure a foundation to and uzpancic of law and thereby allow the subject to get out of narcissism.

Medea is a model, but she should not be identified with, but, of course, for Miller an authentic, that is, an ethical, act cannot be based on any identification. To ask other readers questions about Ethics of the Realplease sign up. Constantly juxtaposing her readings of the two philosophers, Alenka Zupancic summons up and ‘ethics of the Real’, and clears the ground laenka a radical restoration of the disruptive element in ethics.

Zizek said he was jealous of it. The Limits to Capital.

This is where the woman takes precedence over the mother.