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So there is a bit of an interesting story that goes along with me deciding to read this book. I first spotted its not-so-subtle cover on the desk of my coworker. Results 1 – 26 of 26 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Alissa-Nutting books online. Free delivery Alissa Nutting. Filter your La lezione · Alissa. E-bok, Laddas ned direkt. Köp Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls av Alissa Nutting på La lezione. Alissa Nutting. Köp.

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Richard Smith Do you think it was the author’s intention to “add to the basic Lolita story”?

lrzione Ok, so I tried to give Nutting the benefit of the doubt. Thanks, but I really couldn’t read this. In this darkly comic and surreal collection from celebrated author Alissa Nutting, misfit women scramble for agency in a series of uncanny circumstancesThroughout these breathtakingly creative seventeen stories lezjone across time, space, and differing planes of reality, we encounter a host of women and girls in a wide range of unusual jobs.

The writing in this is beautiful. It was just “boys, boys, boys” and that lezkone it. What could have been a psychological thriller, or deep dive into what makes a female pedophile act as they do, instead it is amateurish, raunchy porn for porn sake, which is fine but don’t hide behind the title of literature.


Perceptive and compulsively readable, Made for Love is at once an absurd, raunchy comedy and a dazzling, profound meditation marriage, monogamy, and family. Around the Year i Her husband, Ford, is rich, square-jawed and devoted to her.

In Lezioe we’re on his side, we see things through his eyes, and while we think what he does and what he wants is horrible and wrong, we do feel like we get an insight into his mind.

En comparaison, Humbert Humbert est soumis et docile.

SO I’m probably one of the only people that’s negatively judging the book on the fact other than Mrs. Sure, the guy was a scumbag, but that doesn’t mean her entire life was ruined just because we think it should mean that. It is a craving she pursues with sociopathic meticulousness and forethought.

La lezione by Alissa Nutting on Apple Books

Preview — Tampa by Alissa Nutting. I like the bizarre, but in this case, it was a tad cartoonish.

Here are some samples from Tampa to illustrate what I mean about the inelegance of the writing: It nugting to be a perfectly normal thing for girls that age to marry men, and in some places it still is. E’ una pedofila convinta, insomma. We’re more inclined to look for reasons why a woman, who is expected to possess maternal instincts and be of a nurturing nature, would end up becoming a child sex offender. Others were traumatized from it.


The subject matter didn’t bother me, in fact I quite like reading about challenging subjects, but the writing in Tampa is just SO bad, and the characters and their relationships are wooden and two dimensional.

Alissa Nutting

Toni dabbles in political violence; Sophy, in sexual tyranny. Of course I had to read it. It’s intensely boring, frankly, and even the explicit language and description she wields lose their power quickly.

Though the settings these women find themselves in are as shocking and unique as they come, the emotional battles they face are searing and real. Celeste is pure, unfeeling monster.

And it’s not looked down on by everyone. Lo siento pero no. Paperbackpages. And she didn’t have a personality either. Neh, it was nutging one of those books. Look away for spoilers! Instead, what I got was amateurish, banal masturbatory fodder. This was obviously intended by the author – you can tell from the writing that this is not the work of a clumsy, well-intentioned writer. Tampa by Alissa Nutting.