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As one of the most unique and respected guitarists in the world, Allan Holdsworth has influenced countless others, including legendary artists. Based on the Allan Holdsworth REH video. Allan discusses his unique approach to scales, chords and improvising. Beginning with a complete discussion of Allan Holdsworth (6 August – 15 April ) was a British guitarist and composer. .. Videos[edit]. REH Video: Allan Holdsworth (VHS, reissued on DVD in ); Live at the Galaxy Theatre (DVD); Live at Yoshi’s ( DVD).

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Retrieved 12 January This got me started in my interest in electronics.

Back when you were beginning to experiment with guitar synthesis, you lamented that guitarists tended to be closed minded to new sounds and approaches. Legato interview with Laurie Monk”.

The guy is a giant. It’s a constant balance for me, and I’m just waiting to see which way the scales fall. The Allan Holdworth Information Center. Records executive Mo Ostin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Allan Holdsworth Interview with Guitar Player.

In he performed with keyboardist Alan PasquaWackerman and bassist Jimmy Haslip as part of a live tribute act in honour of the late Tony Williams, with whom Holdsworth and Pasqua had played in the mids; a DVD Live at Yoshi’s and double album Blues for Tony of this tour alla released in and respectively.


But to compose, I have to sit down with a guitar and focus, and when things aren’t as I want them, it’s very easy to get scatterbrained and drift from one thing to another—which results in a cycle of holdsworhh. This resulted in the Warner Bros.

REH Video (Instructional) – a Video release by ALLAN HOLDSWORTH artist / band

The harmonic structure of his pieces can be highly abstruse, with frequently shifting tonal centresand his soloing follows from a self-taught advanced modal framework derived directly from his unusually voiced chords. Allan Holdsworth’s experimentation with amplifiers started early: It’s about the emotion, rather than what the piece actually is.

His pick is a 1mm Dunlop. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Oral History, Allan Holdsworth reflects on his worry that he’ll some day wake up without hlldsworth ideas. The Anthologya Tempest compilation album.

Allan Holdsworth

He started playing customised headless guitars made by luthier Bill DeLap in the s, which included an extended-range baritone model with a inch scale length. Live All Night Wrong Then!

I don’t know holdswortg it’s like for everybody else. I’ve never liked using distortion to get sustain. Retrieved 23 July Recorded in Paris Live at the Proms Publicado por Miguel Copon en 9: If I hit the guitar hard there’s a little growl in there.


I hit a dry spell when I was going through some personal stuff over the past four years, but that affected my composing more than my soloing. At what point zllan you realize that achieving the ideal of horn-like tone would require a different approach than that of the other players who were searching for the same thing?

I loved the Synthaxe because it was still a guitar, but it took me into a whole other world of textures and sounds that I couldn’t do with a standard electric. It’s always the same thing. Having relocated permanently to Southern California holdswrth acrimoniously parted ways with Warner Bros. The Atavachron album holdsworhh was a landmark release in that it was the first to feature Holdsworth’s work with a brand new instrument named the SynthAxe.

I must have Attention Deficit Disorder or something.