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Basic practical skills required. Candidates names are also required when scheduling onscreen assessments on e-volve, although these assessments can be scheduled the same day that they are taken. Questions about onscreen FS Mathematics assessments 6. These assessments should be accessible to most candidates with minimal training. However, assessor comments must describe how each of the criteria have been met. lmry

Published on Mar View Download 1. Yes in the Functional Skills handbook. More detailed information about the ordering process can be found in the Functional Skills External Assessment Guide note a separate booking must be made for each assessment sitting see 3.

No these functions are not built into the FS Mathematics assessments. All learners must be registered as a candidate for the Functional Skill s they are working towards before accessing any live assessment materials. A computer PC or Mac is required, along with access to a printer and software products with the following features: The FS English Speaking, Listening and Communication SLC assessments at all levels are not mark-based; the assessment documentation sets out the criteria each candidate is required to meet.


The assessment can be re-started from where candidates left off.

All of the externally assessed Level 1 and Level 2 assessments must be completed in one sitting. View results and reports by selecting as usual.


Note that tests taken offline must be uploaded to SecureAssess before the above timeframe applies. Functional Skills 4. The date and time of a Named on Demand booking cannot be amended via the Walled Garden once it ampron been submitted.

Whilst they must be completed within a supervised environment, formal JCQ examination conditions are not required. There are no formal qualification requirements to teach any of the Functional Skills qualifications, although it is important that any centre staff involved in the delivery of these qualifications are familiar with the Functional Skills qualification specifications.

identify mainboard by Amptron

The onscreen FS ICT operates from a virtual desktop within the e-volve system and uses a range of simulated software applications. This provides a more detailed FAQ as well as links to all of our onscreen ICT support material, including sample assessments and animated Captivate demonstrations of each of the key applications assessed. A cash in mechanism is necessary to prevent multiple certificates being generated automatically for each candidate.

Qualification Module needed to generate a certificate Functional Skills qualification in English at Entry 1 Functional Skills qualification in English at Entry 2 Functional Skills qualification in English at Entry 3 Functional Skills qualification in English at Level 1 Functional Skills qualification in English at Level 2 Functional Skills FAQs 19 Even where candidates are entitled to a Functional Skills English qualification, a certificate will not be generated unless the appropriate module has been claimed.

Please note that audio mp3 files are included in some of the file sets where this is the case candidates are not required to listen to the contents of these files.


What conditions are required Entry level? Centres may also make minor mlrt to the assessments details of where and how this is permitted can be found in the assessor guidance for each title.

Monthly maths and English newsletter Keep up to date with all there is to know about maths and English qualifications and learning including Functional Skills. Sample onscreen assessments designed to replicate the onscreen assessment environment are also available as follows: These assessments should be accessible to most candidates with minimal training, though it is strongly recommended that candidates have at least one opportunity to practise using the sample onscreen assessment and navigation test see 4.

The normal pass mark ranges for each of the externally-marked components are shown below. Yes see e-volve familiarisation guidance for further information.

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Oiii Skills FAQs 17 4. Printing itself can be completed either during or after the assessment and does not carry any marks. Via the edit axes tool. Assessments in most cases may be completed over more than one session Where assessments are run over more than one session, the sessions must be consecutive ie with no learning or preparation between sessions.