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I just purchased a copy of this page booklet off of Ebay. It’s called ” Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects.” This book is hard to get ahold of. M.I.M.C. (LONDON) v/ The State Library of Victoria “ALMA CONJURING COLLECTION” An nemann’s Mental Bargain Effects ANNEMANN’S DIABOLO PELLET. Author: Annemann, Theodore. – Pages: 16 p.: ill. ; 23 cm. – Publication: [New York: Annemann, ?] – Description: Cover title. Alma bequest. Magic tricks.

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Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects by Ted Annemann :

Thompson The performer has a packet of about 15 blank cards about call- ing card size. The packet is fanned through face down a few cards at a time, and as these arc shown they are put on bottom. Now for the climax!

Like I said, it’s really hard to win one of those books off of Ebay — everyone seems to bid on it like it’s a rare, hard-to-get item when it’s offered for sale. I would have to agree with Necromancer An excellent little booklet. anneamnn

Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects

Open and draw your long circle lengthwise on the inside of the slip so that the circle comes exactly in the center of the paper. You now have about ten cards in a packet which contains a mirror. With these in place and the deck in card case at hand, you are ready. At once the lights arc turned on, the writer acknowledges the correctness of the information and it is verified.

I must put some of my stuff on e-bay, it never ceases to amaze me what people pay for stuff that is generally available. If not right use an electric iron that is just hot to iron even so Unit case looks like any other card case. Place the two cards together with the writing on the underside of lop card and the numbered end nearest your body. The spectator is asked to now show his thought of card for the first time.


Walking away the performer requests the spectator to name his card for the. Ask sitter to examine the envelope, which he does and places back on table. His pellet is now crumpled up in sheet and in your pocket and as you read his question while apparently writing the first time on pad, this time you can write the correct answer and give him pad to examine if he wishes as all evidence is now out of the way.

He bands deck to spectator who likewise picks out any card he may wish except bis written one. The method is very simple hut it ingeniously lakes advantage of the loss of sight on the part of the spectators. I lost a couple other auctions on the same item! It contains his Mental Masterpiece; and that, alone, is worth its price. The performer selects a spectator to aid him.

The performer explains that he is about to attempt something which heretofore has been considered impossible.

The package is removed from forehead, cards taken from within, spread out and the query found near center.

Annemann’s mental bargain effects.

Tin’s is the entire preparation, outside of having a piece of paper and a short pencil. Performer steps hack and asks spectator to now think of the value. Fold one of the papers into a small size that will slip into thumb lip and place where you am get same when ready. At the same time the performer also writes something on a slip of paper which lie folds and tosses to the table in view. No one is to see it and the real reason for same is to prevent further changes and to protect performer.


This is absolutely fool proof and indclcctablc if you practice a few times before a mirror to make your moves smooth and regular as they all blend together. A book covering the most important knowledge that a magician needs.

The number that the third parly gives is actually written down and this three figure number the performer remembers. In bring- ing this corner back it is brought way hack onto arm, and as soon as packet is shown, both corners together arc thrown off arm down over packet, and the right fingers are holding the packet in center of hank with all corners down. Regards, Kris Shegloca The above is all rubbish, except that which you chose to believe.

This is all one continuous move as will be seen. But, instead of writing the second row as given him, lie actually writes figures that, when added to the one above, will total 1. Reforehand, on the upper left corner of one card, write the figure 1, and then diagonally annfmann card write the name or message desired.

Holding the deck in right hand performer has the lights turned out.

I’m going to buy up a whole bunch of these booklets. Performer shows the card he drew and has spectator read his paper.