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FRENTE A FRENTE: El apadrinamiento de A.A. en acción (Spanish Edition) eBook: AA Grapevine Inc: : Kindle Store. par la Conférence et autres documents des AA. Le catalogue est por los grupos que planean actividades de apadrinamiento. THE A.A. Consider the words of an official A.A. pamphlet (), explaining apadrinamiento, the Spanish word for both “sponsorship” and “godparenthood.” The pamphlet.

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National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Open in a separate window. There is no podium in this room, but there is a wooden desk behind which a coordinator sits, with two other members to his right and left, usually a man and a woman.

Focus on Apadrinaamiento Primary Purpose Online 5.

Comité Apadrinamiento AA – Google+

J Couns Psychol ; Guiar por el ejemplo Spanish Online 5. Let it Begin With Me.

We Hit Bottom Too Online 5. Mutual aid groups for addiction are known to be cost-effective interventions. But at Group Higher Power, the coordinator says: Picture hanging in all step Latino groups’ meeting rooms.

Drug Alcohol Depend ; 84 supp 1: The Touchstone of Growth Online 5. A Collective Vision II.

The A.A. program – Alcoholics Anonymous – Spain

CQ has been a central focus of our ethnographic fieldwork since January Several members are apadrinsmiento immigrants. Cult Med Apadrinamietno ; Recovery, Unity, Service Japanese Online 5. Testimonies also apadrinxmiento include mention of a transformation or rebirth in the experience that has helped the person stay sober. Susquehanna University Press, In accordance with exploratory qualitative research methods, 18 research sites and participants were selected by convenience, as dictated by the opportunities and challenges inherent in maintaining relationships with a dynamic and mobile population over several months.


University of Texas Press, Service, including sharing one’s testimony and counselling one’s sponsee, is the suture that stitches together CQ sociality and repairs the psychic wounds of the enfermo emocional. Twelve Points to Assure Our Future. Recupero, Unita, Servizio Italian Online 5. Pentecostal adaptations in rural and urban Mexico: They will stand at the podium, look out of the corners of their eyes, and try to re-enter their painful or shameful memories, recounting them for the group, complete apadrinmiento details of the sights, sounds and smells of what it was like to be there.

Many of the step members had participated in more than one kind of step group over their lifetime e. Detailed consideration of these factors is, however, beyond the scope of this article.


Recupero, Unita, Servizio Qa. It is common for CQ members to admit that they were actually drunk or high when they went for their first experience, but then after that day they no longer needed to drink, smoke or use.

Focus on Our Primary Purpose. A draft of this article in Spanish was presented to Group Higher Power, and it is being published with the group’s blessing. Discussion What exactly is it about CQ spirituality that makes this mutual aid organisation especially culturally adapted for Latinos?


Stanford University Press, Disparities in Latino substance use, service use, and treatment: Group Higher Power a pseudonym, to apadrinamisnto confidentiality is a mutual aid group in Northern California for Latinos with substance use problems and other mental health concerns.

Many speak English, but meetings and informal conversations are conducted in Spanish. Latinos and Latinas in communal settings: Meeting in Polish Online 5. Cambridge University Press, And hence the prayer circle that ends every nightly meeting and spiritual experience, the cadena de amor y servicio chain of love and servicepoints up the symbolic importance of service in CQ’s practice of spiritual healing. We have observed and documented the therapeutic practices and living conditions of members of ten CQ groups 4 in Mexico as well as several other step groups that are specifically for Latinos.

But for this to be a healthy process requires CQ groups to provide a practical purpose for members to relive their suffering night after night through the testimonies. Escriba o grabe su historia Spanish Online 5.

I wanted to die … It wasn’t until the experience when I realised things aparrinamiento wrong; I had erased those memories.

Into the Wilds of Psychoanalysis.