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I wanna sell my Apexi I-Moni which i bought at japan before. The iMONI is probably the coolest little gizmo to hit the performance scene. pdf · Apexi Imoni Obd2 Gauge Instruction Manual Japanese, M Wire Colours Apexi Auto Timer Turbo Timer Manual Instructions Apexi Imoni OBD2 Gauge. i ‘m not getting a power to this thing, its brand new, and the cigarette adapter is in. the obd-2 port is right under the area with the vsa switch.

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So the result is, the engine drops to 0deg IGN timing for a split second and it pops and backfires on gearchange, race car style. On this screen you will be presented with 4 options. How to reset SRS air bag light: This is by far no means of a techincal comparison or tuners views on each of them. Apexi PDF on the new hand controller is here. Moving to go fast forum Odometer- kms Vehicle Type: What do the strange sensor names mean?

This forms the basis for tuning the engine as you can adjust any load point you like how you see fit. Can still be driven to check the Tiptronic. Do NOT ignore detonation — it can be an engine killer if ignored and the driver acts like a stupidhead — always check and find the cause or speak to your tuner. That is to, rewire an existing model to work on another engine and loom. Ie; its not like they can just change timing via a hand controller each time. By Blakeo Started 9 hours ago.


IngTmng at idle should be around 15 or 20deg. Up for sale is my plates H0B4IT.

Watch the wideband sensor and get a feel for what the values are and how quick it reacts to throttle and load changes. Both are only as good as the tuner. Anything above 60 is bad and can be causing damage.

Does the unit work on manual and auto cars? The pressure sensor should be plumbed in parrallel with the factory MAP sensor which is used by your standar boost guage.

Selecting VH41 from the menu does allow it to run but it usually needs to be fine tweaked via the voltage ramp table. There is a new product on the way due for release in August which is the FC Tune.

Ensure it follows stock guage when you give the engine a rev. I’m just trying to see how many letters you can fit in this field and still have it display, NV. By Jhare Aapexi 12 hours ago. You should speak to your tuner if you see high knock levels and the engine light flashing.

FS: kouki fender, apexi imoni, apexi ero flasher, sr parts, s14, ngk sprak plugs –

Ignition cut used for rpm limiter — Regular Power FCs cut fuel feed when the preset revolution limit is reached. The cable is listed as the 3pin boost control harness. Price lmoni for cambelt let me know what your after and I’ll work out a price Have some b18c and b18cr parts for sale can sell everything together or parts B18c block part out or can sell whole block Brand apex water pump Brand new gates cambelt Brand new tensioner Type R pistons B18cR Type R head no cams B18cR Type R intake manifold can come with throttle body.


Self Tuning — Ignition Timing What are the percentages for my airflow voltages for? The software is free.

Apexi I-Moni Digital Display

When you use an incorrect model hand controller on a PowerFC unit the hand controller will freeze at the Apexi Logo. It will also support bigger airflow meters, different and custom meters, larger fuel pumps etc.

If your car has had an engine swap it is possible and likely that the standard ECCS wiring has been altered or is not the same as factory. Do a max load dyno run damn it will be boggy and make jack all power and see what knock levels you get now.