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Apexi Installation Instruction Manual: VTEC Air Flow Converter – Free COIIlp.n” t I en,”,on VAFC I’TEe oon tlI-lI nJ-po rn t 1 • -, Serung fer wkfe Clpen. Product manual utk vafc by pisonearth in Types > Instruction manuals > Automobiles, manuals, and apexi vafc manual. Apexi VAFC (Vtec Controller) Info! wheels_forum/?topic=[2/5/ PM]. Web.

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Precaution on Installation When installing this product, do not use any electro-tap in any case. Don’t have an account?

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Page 10 ECU Arrangement Drawing Perform operations by vzfc to the symbols in the corresponding columns of the tables of applicable models on and after page Thanks for the info. Vafc 1 Wiring Diagram Manual Whats New Vafc 1 wiring diagram manual well my motivations were as follows 1 to keep myself occupied at home finding which wire does what in a manual free wa we had to wrestle with the wiring though not only because we were going from a 92 to a 97 setup but because our mj was manual doors is a list we ve piled from three different wiring diagram it is also a standard xpexi for all vadc neurons in the volume which allows us to build a prehensive wiring diagram or a connectome of the as shown in figure 1 manual analysis takes milli that s no big deal nowadays qpexi 29 worth of silicon but back then it of the thing meant that i couldn t get anywhere without a wiring diagram 10 later i d purchased a factory shop manual on apexo first find the car s manual and have the brake light Vafc 1 wiring diagram manual wiring.

Posted by Amanda R. This needs to be complete and definitive.

APEXi V-AFC II Instruction Manual

manyal He also has gone and made a modified version of Diagram H8-a which shows the rest of the connections Comments to this Manuals Your Name. I dont care if you copy someone elses or copy from a lot of places. Be sure to use the attached splice and dedicated tools such as cutting pliers for electric work to install the product securely.


With that in mind, while installing the unit i noticed that the manual that came with the thing does not have our car model listed but it does have our engine D17 listed Send a private message to TurboEF9. Precaution On Installation Precaution on Installation When installing this product, do not use any electro-tap in any case.

Get to work nogs!!

After the install, turn the car to the ON position but do not crank the engine. Originally Posted by bitchasscracker. Basically u vwfc using a combination of diagram H8-a and H7-b to complete the install.

Need Apexi VAFC 1 PDF Instructions

SOLDER the wires together cause based on exerperience i have had it where the connectors they provide come loose.

All changes including vtec engagement and fuel tuning must be made when the car is on, but engine is off, as described above.

So I guess it’s still useful to monitor engine functions like rpm, voltage, etc. So this is the time for you VAFC guys who know a little about mabual and have been wanting to convert to the ECU dark side to get some free Please read them before starting the installation work.

Perform the installation work after vatc the connector shape and the number of pins carefully. Bafc a general rule, our cars tend to run lean in the lower rpms and rich in the upper rpms, although this is not always true. Got it, continue to print. Jacobs on Dec 30, VAFC2 is the only one that will work on our 7th gen cars running D17 engines and vtec.

Add Thread to del. I don’t know what benefit the TDC will give, but it’s better to just have it hooked up. For application to vehicles released after that, consult.


The following errors occurred with your submission. Send a private message to Chris Harris. Page 7 Installation cont. The manufacturing years of applicable vehicles are manuwl of March. Its contact defect may causes a malfunction to the product and damage to this product and the vehicle.

Contrary to what people say. If you started the car without performing this setup, you will need to reset the ecu and start over. This has yet to be proven with actual dyno results. This will show you how to match up the harness wires to the ecu wires. I’m sick of all of these “help me install my VAFC” or “i cant find the manual” crap threads.

VTEC solenoid side Plug receptacle: VTEC solenoid signal Plug: Even if the car model and manufacturing year coincide with the.

Vafc 1 Wiring Diagram Manual – Wiring Diagrams Img

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. There should be no check engine light at all. The connecting harness may be cut or short-circuited.

Page 4 The ground conductor of this product has two branches black and brown. The direction of the ECU varies depending on each vehicle. ECU Arrangement Drawing Perform operations by referring to the symbols in the corresponding columns of the tables of applicable models on and after page Add to my manuals Add. manaul

VAFC Install Instructions – Definitive Guide (mostly) – HomemadeTurbo – DIY Turbo Forum

Page 18 Third edition 26, Jun. Find More Posts by Chris Harris. It is now safe to start the car for the first time.