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Language: French, Kinyarwanda. French and . Apprendre la langue rwanda [ ]. Preview English-Kinyarwanda phrase book for tourists []. Preview. 1: Rimwe (ReemWay); 2: Kabiri (KahBeeRee); 3: Gatatu (GahTahToo); 4: Kane ( KahNay); 5: Gatanu (Gahtahno); 6: Gatandatu. Posts about apprendre le kinyarwanda written by Tuganire.

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This is a free limited version!. Apprendre l’Anglais rapidement – MosaLingua.

Apprendre à compter en kinyarwanda; Learn to count in Kinyarwanda – baptiste marle’s weblog

I’m interested in learning amharic because I have a goal to be a polyglot and I wanted to start with Africa languages. Robert October 11, Add to Favorites.

Learn Swahili with a series of questions, answers, audio and images. Translate the description back to French Canada Translate.

Apprendre à compter en kinyarwanda; Learn to count in Kinyarwanda

A quick and simple method to learn Kinyarwanda. Furaha October 19, Add to Favorites. Apprenez l’anglais, l’espagnol, l’allemand, l’italien, le japonais et d’autres.

Speekoo – Apprenez une nouvelle langue. I need to practice this langwage for it can help in my future. In this course you have translated the French lessons in Kinyarwanda with keywords. So you have to understand French to better exploit this application. You then have a series of questions and answers that will help you aprendre learn the vocabulary of several Kinyarwanda words.


Hi, my name is Ngabo Emmanuel. Elie October 21, Add to Favorites.

Amir December 9, Add to Favorites. Ngabo November 27, Add to Favorites. Learn Swahili with a series of questions, responses, audio and images.

Kinywarwanda – Introduction

A series of images is provided to you matters to help you kibyarwanda quickly learn the words addressed in different lessons.

I am here on this site because I want to make friends and also I am on this kinyarwwnda because I want someone who can help me in learning french, Spanish, Portuguese because I need to use them in finding the knowledge that can help me to increase my standard of living especially by reading books and in making research. Therefore as I would like to learn more about different cultures, making friends from any country and learning their Ouvrez une session pour voir l’historique de vos contacts avec chaque membre.

I can now communicate using kinyarwanda my native languageEnglish, French which I know a little that can help me have a conversation and congolese Swahili which is a littl bit different f I’m grad to learn new thing especial languages that why apprendree want know french. Videos of Imam Rachid Eljay. Account Options Sign in.


Learn Kinyarwanda with a serie of questions, responses, audio and images. My name is Elie and I live in Rwanda.

Kuvuga na Kwiga ikinyarwanda na Faransa!

I am a visual artist based in East Africa, Rwanda. The course is designed for francophones who want to learn Kinyarwanda. Learn Kinyarwanda with a series of questions, responses, audio and images. EcoleDirecte is the mobile extension of the website www.