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Uses of Package No usage of Skip navigation links. Overview · Package, Class, Use, Tree. Place the class files on the cloned instance under $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/xdo/ common/tmp. Bounce the concurrent manager on the cloned. createTmpFileJDK() at TmpFile() at FOUtility.

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Report message to a moderator. Tue, 20 April Message Navigator E-mail to friend.

Distinct Count in BI Publisher [ message ]. Mon, 19 April Hi, I need to use the feature distinct count in BI Ddo. So, if the distinct count is 1 then do display certain information else display some other information.

The XML Publisher Concurrent Request Fails Due to the Output Post Processing (OPP)

I’m using this particular syntax: Many Thanks in advance But it thorws out a Java Exception: Function ‘distinct-values’ coommon found. Distinct Count in BI Publisher [ message is a reply to message ].


As I’ve mentioned in the Forum GuideQuote: Have you searched in the BI Blog? By Vamsi Report message to a moderator.

Yes I did search and got the result as to use the following to get distinct count: By Vamsi [Updated on: Does this mean that Oracle X-Path does not support this distinct-values keyword? Please let me know if there is any other way to achieve this. I think you missed “xdoxslt: Wed, 21 April Distinct-values is working after adding the prefix xdoxslt Vamsi- I have one more question.

Can you please let me know if there is a format to enable red color for negative numbers alone and positive numbers will be shown dommon it is. I’m currently using the format: This is not acceptable by the client.

OraFAQ Forum: Business Intelligence » Distinct Count in BI Publisher

But the client wants the output in Excel only. Please let me know if there is any trick to achieve the functionality.


Many Thanks Ashwini Report message to a moderator.