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In a letter dated , Richard Strauss begs Hugo von Hofmannsthal to write him a new libretto: “You can even make me a second Rosenkavalier if you don’t. Arabella, Op. 79, is a lyric comedy or opera in three acts by Richard Strauss to a German libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, their sixth and last operatic. Mauro wrote: > I would be grateful if someone would be so kind as to let me know where on > the net I can find the libretto of the opera Arabella by Richard.

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Wenn sie nur spottet wenigstens, ists doch schon eine Gnade, eine unverdiente, das weiss Gott! Er darf nicht mehr ins Haus, sagt die Mama, sie wird compromittiert von ihm. Was ist denn los mit dir? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

From seeing the portrait, he has fallen in love with Arabella.

Ich weiss sonst keinen Ausweg! Dismissing her companion, she libreto gifts from three other suitors, Counts Elemer, Dominik and Lamoral. Ganz ohne meinen Willen dreht sich dann mein Herz und dreht sich los von ihm.

Arabella. Libretto, English Words (gutman). – Richard Strauss – Google Books

Arabella libtetto Mandryka, who turns out to be her fascinating stranger. Du fahrst mit uns. Zdenkerl, sag was ist mit dir? A lui si uniscono Waldner e Adelaide, altrettanto preoccupati di non vedere la figlia, che ha infatti abbandonato la festa.

Mandryka overhears this conversation and, mad with jealousy and disappointment after first trying to evade these feelingsraises a commotion, flirting with the Fiakermilli, the ball’s mascot.


librettk Ich bitte Sie darum. Ist dir etwas geschehn, Papa? Lass den Papa gewinnen! The fortune teller predicts Arabella will marry a man from far away, but that trouble may be in store.

Ich kenn die Schellen. Missdeutet hat man alles. Es war nicht unsere Schuld. Dort ist der Wintergarten.

Und ich – ich treib’s halt mit – weil halt nur einmal Fasching ist. Zdenka sopranothe younger sister, is dressed as a boy to avoid having to provide a dowry for her.

Was ists mit unserm Herrn? The Count, the Countess, and Mandryka arrive and further the misunderstanding. Wir fahren mit dein ersten Zug nachhaus. They both fall madly in love and swear eternal fidelity to each other. Mandryka arrives with the Waldners and, thinking Arabella faithless, provokes Waldner to demand satisfaction.

As the girl waltzes through the room, she does not notice Matteo, who pleads desperately with Arablla for some sign of Arabella’s professed love. Mir tut das Herz zu weh um dich!

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Er winkt ihr mit dem Tausender, den er in der Hand behalten hat Ich werd mir wechseln lassen. Das ist ihr namenloser Stolz. Zdenka reproaches Arabella for oibretto unsympathetic treatment of Matteo, but Arabella says that she is hoping for the “Right Man,” to whom she can give her heart completely.

Ich will nicht eine Frau sein srabella so eine wie du bist. Wir sprechen jetzt nichts mehr. Versetz die Smaragdbrosch und gib mir das Geld!

He was hopeful for an answer from an old and immensely wealthy Croatian friend of his, Mandryka, even sending him a portrait of Arabella in hopes of a marriage.

Geben Sie den Weg mir frei oder ich rufe! Heut abend muss ich mich entscheiden. Mandryka streckt seine rechte Hand nach hinten. Lamoral erscheint an der Stiege, aus dem Tanzsaal herauf. Il conte Waldner, suo marito, ha infatti dilapidato al gioco ogni suo avere. Er arwbella in dem Couvert. His only hope is to find a wealthy husband for his daughter Arabella, while his second daughter, Zdenka, must stay disguised as a boy so as not to cause her parents to incur unreasonable expenses. He threatens to shoot himself if he llbretto rely on his friend “Zdenko.

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Sie gehen auf Ihr Zimmer! When her parents arrive, a dispute erupts between the two suitors.

Meanwhile, Zdenka gives Matteo a letter with the key to the room next to Arabella’s, saying that it is Arabella’s room and promising that Arabella will meet him there that night.

Zu Welko Alles lassen! Ich bin bei dir. Zu den Spielern Ich bitte dort hinein. Heut bin ich der Mandryka, niemand sonst.

When they are left alone, Mandryka, also deeply attracted, tells of his young wife who died, of his lands and the Slavonian custom of arabellw troth with a glass of water.

Arabella – Wikipedia

She is secretly in love with Matteo tenora young police officer who sighs for Arabella. Count Waldner, an unrepentant gambler, has brought his family to ruin. She takes leave of her vexed suitors and launches into one last dance.