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The Hellenistic poet Aratus of Soli (ca to before bc)1 is known primarily as the author of Phaenomena, a poem which de- scribes the constellations and. Phaenomena, a poem on star constellations and weather signs by Aratus (c. BCE), was among the most widely read in antiquity and one of the few. Aratus’ Phaenomena is a didactic poem—a practical manual in verse that teaches the reader to identify constellations and predict weather. The poem also .

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Lycophron of Chalcis in Euboea was a contemporary of Callimachus in Alexandria where he became supervisor of the comedies included in the new library. Although antiquity deemed Aratus one of the greatest Hellenistic poets, very little information about him survives today.

In that month use not the open sea lest thou be engulfed in the waves. Nor are dark halos near the Sun signs of fair weather: This cluster as a whole men call The Water. Even so arafus the Argo of Jason borne along stern-foremost.

When he cites the saying that man is God’s offspring, Paul employs the words in light of God’s self-revelation in the Old Testament. Jessica marked it as to-read Dec 10, Whatever the case, Paul presents his address in the presence of Athenians, including Stoic and Epicurean philosophers, and foreigners who chanced to be present.

The Hydra rises higher as far as Crater, and before her the Dog brings up his hind feet, dragging behind him the stern of Argo of many stars. If on the third night neither horn nod forward or lean backward, if vertical they curve their tips on either side, winds from the West will follow that night.

Eppu marked it as to-read Apr 10, Loeb Classical Library Volume Now the other stars are grouped in clear figures and brightly shine, but those beneath the hunted Hare are all clad in mist and nameless in their course. He it was, men say, that brought down from lofty Helicon the bright water of bounteous Hippocrene. First he himself is safer, and well, too, he profits another by his warning, when a storm is rushing near.



There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Areopagus was an ancient hill near the agora market-place of Athens. Aloft puaenomena risen all of Argo, but the Hydra, shed as she is afar over the heavens, will lack her tail.

May deep snow clothe the mighty fields, veiling the tender shoot, not yet zratus nor tall, so that the anxious husbandman may rejoice in well-being. If they heed her favouring signs and quickly lighten their craft and set all in order, on a sudden lo!

Good rule it is to look for sign confirming sign. Anon, too, the stormy petrels when the flit in calm, move in companies to ;haenomena the coming winds.

He was for a time in the court of Antiochus I of Syria but returned to Macedonia. The translation is prose which doesn’t stay true t Pretty good.

For Hellenistic Stoics, however, Zeus was another name for that force which controlled the universe and resided in man and beast. Poochigian’s interpretation of the Phaenomena reestablishes the ancient link between poetry and science and demonstrates that verse is an effective medium for instruction.

But another tale is current among men, how of old she dwelt on earth and met men face to face, nor ever disdained in olden time the tribes of men and women, but mingling with them took her seat, immortal though she was.

Aratus: Phaenomena by Aratus

Then set the Cyllenian Lyre, the Dolphin and the shapely Arrow. Nor does what was left of Andromeda and of Cetus fail to mark his rise but in full career they too flee. The contemporary poet Callimachus praised the poem as an elegant and refined piece of work, and it appears that many readers appreciated Aratus’ polished and precise style. Following an line introduction in which he states the purpose of his poem and praises Zeus for his kindness in giving to mankind natural signs by which to conduct his business, Aratus dedicates one section to a poetic discussion of the constellations, and a second to the use of weather patterns.

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Mankind is, according to such belief, part of that environment and so “is indebted to Zeus. We do know that he lived in the late fourth and early third centuries before Christ, that his place of birth was probably Soli in Paul’s native province of Cilicia, and that he studied Stoic philosophy in Athens at the school founded by Zeno c.

Jennifer Howard rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Subscribe to receive information about forthcoming books, seasonal catalogs, and more, in newsletters tailored to your interests. His language is not flowery or verbose, but he paints the night sky with the eye of a keen observer.

Of his large published output, only 6 hymns, 63 epigrams, and fragments in Loeb Classical Library no. Of Engonasin, backward turned, the waist is still visible but his upper parts are borne in night. It is by Helice that the Achaeans on the sea divine which way to steer their ships, but in the other the Phoenicians put their trust when they cross the sea.

For her path lies under the blast of Thracian Boreas, but the South wind drives against her, beneath the Ram and the Pair of Fishes, the hateful Monster, Cetus, set as he is a little above the Starry River.

Phaenomena | work by Aratus |

V rated it did not like it Aug 17, Silvia added it Oct 07, Sows and ewes and she-goats, when after mating with the male they mate again, equally with wasps foretell heavy storm.

Thrice the mastich buds and thrice wax ripe its berries. Above it is set her palm, arauts the north, and southward leans her elbow.