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French: Articles définis et indéfinis. Voici un petit exercice rien que pour vous! French exercise “Articles définis et indéfinis” created by anonyme with The. Les articles definis ||||| *The French definite article corresponds to “the” in English. * Masculin – Sing: (LE) le garçon = the boy; L’homme = the man; (l’ masc or. 1 nov. In French there are 3 types of articles: Articles définis (le, la, l’, les) Articles indéfinis (un, une, des) Articles partitifs The partitive articles are.

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In some cases, however, French will use a definite articles when English uses no article at all. He thinks that cars are the invention of the devil. It is frequently used before a singular noun that represents something that can be divided into smaller parts like liquids, wood, food, etc. Mais l’ amour est aussi important pour nous que pour les humains.

English, in contrast, uses no article at all. French proficiency test by. Compare the following sentences: Plural Indefinite Articles The plural indefinite article, desis used when referring to more than a single entity.


I go to France. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Les articles One of the eight parts of speechan article is a word that modifies a noun in a particular way, by stating whether the noun is specific, unspecific, or partial. Des passants ont vu l’accident. Tex, help me set the table! Your support is entirely optional but tremendously appreciated.

Names are not usually preceded by articles. The English indefinite article has two forms, a and anwhile the French has three, depending on the gender and number of the noun.

Les articles partitifs

I love chinese food. One of the eight parts of speechan article is a word that modifies a noun in a particular way, by stating whether the exercicea is specific, unspecific, or partial. He designates a successor in case he dies. Les baleines sont les animaux les plus grands du monde.

The partitive articles are used to express a quantity of something that can not be counted.

Anytime the is used in English, a definite article will surely be used in French. I drink red wine during dinner. The partitive article is used with indivisible or uncountable nouns. This includes times when a group of nouns is referred to in its entirety. Tags articlesarticles partitifslearn Frenchpartitive articlesquantityuncountable nouns. Nous jouons e basket. Les blattes vivent dans les murs et se reproduisent prodigieusement.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Lundiil a rendez-vous avec Tammy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do you know the Deffini Tower? In French there are 3 types of articles: Comments or questions about this page?

Articles définis et indéfinis-French

Partitive Articles A partitive article consists of the preposition de followed by a definite article du, de la. Stay up to date with Lawless French! People who were passing by saw the accident. My friend sells flowers in the subway. Every winterhe skis in Purgatory. I eat a sandwich.

The partitive article indicates that the speaker is referring to only a portion exercides some of an uncountable noun, often food or drink. In English, note that in the same situation no article is placed before the noun.

The partitive article refers to a part of the whole.