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Editorial Reviews. Review. A provocative, clever and radiant line of theology, Sanghi suggests Written by Ashwin Sanghi, a thriller fiction writer, this book showcases a cult of visionaries who believe that Jesus escaped crucifixion and lived. Even I read it because of all the hype but to be frank I didn’t like it so much. Of course I can’t deny that the author has put a lot of efforts in writing it by compiling . So, when looking for the next book to read I, as a supporter of Indian authors, dutifully picked out Ashwin Sanghi’s ‘The Rozabal Line’.

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Sure he has done tremendous research on religions and has good knowledge about the subject.

Book Review: ‘The Rozabal Line’ by Ashwin Sanghi

Without waiting for an answer, Ted plodded on, ‘You see, the Bible’s Leviticus I also read that this book was initially published under the name Shawn Haigins and I understood that it was an anagram without the lines. Finance from the Yale School of Management. Your eyes and your eyelids want to close.

BoyI was disappointed. For a long time there has been a theory that Jesus had escaped to India after crucification and this forms the opening of this book. I was ashiwn aware of the traditional Christians being very similar to the Brahmins of India.

The Rozabal Line – Ashwin Sanghi | jannu sasidhar –

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Unknown to most intelligence agencies, the Lashkar-e-Toiba had spun off an even more elite group within itself called the Lashkar-e-Talatashar, the Army of Thirteen, consisting of twelve elite holy warriors who would deem it an honour and privilege to die for the cause of Allah.

You’re comfortable and relaxed, but you’re heavy and sinking. This made me feel like 1 he thinks I am stupid and cant understand the metaphor or comparison or 2 He wants to distract me from the story so that I will not see the millions plot holes that are there.

He deserved it for his blasphemy. Religious fanaticism that later morphed to terrorism and the idea of a religious thriller aka Da Vinci Code.

The Rozabal Line

He now sat in his office wearing his black simar with scarlet piping and scarlet sash around his waist. Instead by spoon-feeding everything with footnotes and reference links, he spoils the fun behind historical thrillers – to separate fact from fiction.

They would also be taught hand-to-hand combat using a variety of knives, alternative forms of garrottes and other weapons. Ok honestly, I can’t really say that because I am neutral towards rozqbal book. They also knew that if one’s breath were held too long, the mind would lne a tendency to get disturbed. Even though Waziristan was officially part of Pakistan, it was actually self-administered by Waziri tribal chiefs, who were feared warriors, as well as being completely indomitable and conservative.


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WHY would someone play with religion? But I’m lline than happy to read Chanakya’s chant and the Krishna key. A cardboard box is found on a shelf of a London library where a copy of Mahabharata should have been.

Aunt and nephew were sitting with legs crossed facing one another. Views Read Edit View history. The other thing I could identify with was the author’s love of anagrams and wordplay.

Ghazni was followed by Mohammed Ghori, who left India to be ruled by his Turkish generals.

Book Review: ‘The Rozabal Line’ by Ashwin Sanghi

Log In Sign Up. By not assuming the reader as dumb and by letting his readers discuss the hidden connections on forums like these, Sanghi could leave his readers wanting for more.

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