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Download Terjemahan Kitab Ayyuhal Walad Lengkap apk and history version for Android developed by Triloka – Download Terjemahan. ayyuhal walad arabic pdf. mukashifat ul quloob in urdu pdfihya ulumuddin urdu pdf. ayyuhal walad english pdf. ayyuhal walad terjemahan pdf. Kitab Ayyuhal walad ini juga dikenal dengan Al Risalah Al Waladiah. Merupakan karangan Imam al Ghazali ra yang asalnya ditulis dalam bahasa Persia.

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Rather to give away something that we though that indeed that was mine, and we never imagined that it could ever be other than mine, ayyuhaal give something like that away.

If we can prevent the nafs itself from having unlawful desires, then the question of us acting on those desires, or thinking along those lines, or yearning for those things is completely gone. I think a lot of us were so settled and content in our worldly lifestyles.

A person will be able to enjoy Salah, when they feel Allah swt in their prayer. That is why there are so many adaab in our Deen for all of the acts of worship, so that ayyuhl acts become more enjoyable and we perform them with love. Description Ayyuhal walad manuscript.

How to enjoy Salah? Certainly, the later tradition of tasawwuf is a bit more soft on this, and even in the early terkemahan of tasawwuf you do have mashaikh who, in terms of their wakad lives and in their teachings, were quite well off.

Kitab Ayyuhal Walad

This is another battle that we are trying to wage and that is our nafs does not desire to pray. When our nafs ayyuhzl them itself, then doing those things becomes very easy. We use that as an excuse to give away nothing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

My Dear Son! {إيها الولد المحب} by Imam Ghazali – Maktabah Mujaddidiyah

This whole world, every single thing that terjemxhan have, is going to come to nothing when they pass away, and certainly when the world ends itself. So nafs having desires, and human beings wanting to do what their nafs desires, this is actually the aspect and attribute of Jannah.

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We have to go deeper and make our nafs desire those things. Sooner or later we are walav to slip. That that which is with you, that which is in your possession, that which you can acquire in this world, is fading, is ephemeral; it dwindles away, passes away.

What I have heard from our mashaikh, ulema and elders, and which Prophet sws himself says in a hadith is that you should try to give from that which you love.

When I reflected on what that was, I realized that nothing could lay claim to that except: So here you have two different possibilities of tasawwuf. Egyptian works that are currently in the public domain in the United Ayyuhak are those whose copyright had expired in Egypt on the U.

When I was in your company, what I learnt from your company is how to observe humanity. And the most ultimate stage of life in which we do that is akhirah.

This Egyptian work is currently in the public domain in Egypt because its copyright has expired pursuant to the provisions of Intellectual Property Law 82 of I learnt from you, what to learn from humanity itself and from human beings. Hatim al-Asam was once in the company of his Shaykh, when Shaykh Shaqiq asked him:.

Download Terjemahan Kitab Ayyuhal Walad Lengkap Google Play softwares – aQy1MMbBeDes | mobile9

It shows how much one learns when they associate themselves for a long period of time with the Ullema and Mashaikh Now, one thing is to say that I want to do amaal-e-salihone thing would be to wakad that I want to be regular and consistent in amaal-e-salihaat ; Here, he is saying that I fell in love with amaal-e-salih! I have to prevent my nafs from desiring. Ultimately in our deen, watch this carefully, ultimately in our deen we do refer back to doing what we please. As opposed to praying like most of us do it: So what I ayuuhal from you, Shaykh, was that I have to keep my nafs away from my unlawful desires and pleasures.


They are always striving, yearning, seeking, acquiring something. One way in ayyuhxl we could begin to learn and practice this advice is: We have mentioned 3 of those 8 lessons that Imam al-Ghazali rh wrote to his student in his letter.

I learnt that to be human is to Love. And thirdly, may He enable us to be among those people who give away some things, even just a few things, that we viewed always to be ours, may He enable us to give a ajyuhal of that away in His name and for His sake, for the khidmat and benefit of His deen, for the people of His deen, so that we will also be ayyubal to feel and respond to the ayah — that everything that is with us is actually going to fade away.

But he gave away what we call zayed an al-zarurah — that was beyond his needs, as he perceived them to be, he gave them away. I looked around and saw that everybody wwalad trying wslad acquire things of the world. What we really need to do is prevent our nafs from having those desires. Not just to give away the extra money, not just to give something that we view as extra. So, he says that I observed humanity and Aytuhal saw that it is the very part of human nature that every single human being is in love with something or someone or some idea.