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Frank Bartleman; and a building, the Azusa Street Mission. On a short two-block street in downtown Los Angeles, Azusa Street is the most famous address. Azusa Street Testimonies. Frank Bartleman. Friday, June 15, at “Azusa,” the Spirit dropped the “heavenly chorus” into my soul. I found myself suddenly joining. From the pen of John Bartleman, an early leader of the Pentecostal movement, we have an eyewitness account of the “latter rain” when Pentecost moved from.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Seymour had invited Parham, his “father in the gospel,” to preach in Azusa Street, but Parham’s barrleman messages and attempts to correct what he saw as abuses led to his expulsion from the church. Jul 31, Rick rated it really liked it. His articles gained a wide audience across America and in other lands. Bartleman first attended services while the group was on Bonnie Brae Street and then followed Seymour to the premises on Azusa Street.

In this book, entitled “How Pentecost Came to Los Angeles,” one feels the excitement of the events at the old Azusa mission. The gift barteman tongues was soon followed by the gift of interpretation. We had no priest class, nor priest craft. The Pentecostals of North America according to Bartleman, have as it were, become so “organised” that they may have missed God. In the end, Bresee felt that the Azusa Street Pentecostal bordered on fanaticism and heresy by teaching that.

Mar 11, Linn Landry rated it it was amazing.

Azusa Street – Frank Bartleman – Google Books

Also, after miraculous healing, he was “slain in the Spirit” for one-half hour before a congregation where he had been preaching. He was an extremely zealous Christian. The revival in Smale’s church was sparked by news of the great Welsh revival of led by Evan Roberts. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Your prayer life will be unbelievably transformed as you experience God’s moving xzusa your life. Race, gen Bxrtleman just an eye witness account of the birth of the Pentecostal movement at the Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles, this book chronicles events before and after that Christian epoch as told by a senior participant, drawing on magazine articles, pamphlets and journals he wrote at that time.

I never saw fraank altar call given in those early days. We sang it from fresh, powerful heart experience. The food was thus placed for the lambs, not for giraffes.

While the wider world will ignore this book as it did the Azusa revival, the serious student of modern church history will find it interesting and uplifting. In fact we felt no need of them.

In bartlemaan end, Bartleman turned out to be a better prophet than Bresee. Azusa Street in Way of faith. Seymour; a city, Los Angeles; a journalist! It is obvious that the stfeet statements” to which Bresee referred were those that Bartleman was circulating in the holiness press. By DecemberDr. He also felt compelled to print and distribute tracts as part of his ministry.

The religious ego preaches its own funeral sermon quickly.

At the last, Bartleman refused to join any of the established Pentecostal denominations. We were delivered right there from ecclesiastical hierarchism and abuse. Frank Bartleman provides a running account of the true and normal movement of God. Jordan Gullo rated it really liked it Jan 19, Unfortunately, very many most?

In FebruaryBartleman entered the Salvation Army. Everyone that I have given the book to has stated “I missed it”.


It had to start in the poor surroundings, God. A short and easy read. The spirit of song given from God in the beginning was like the Aeolian harp, in its spontaneity and sweetness. Fantastic book, especially when discussing with someone else. The crow cannot imitate the dove.

Bartleman refused, explaining that “I made my choice between a popular, paying pulpit and a humble walk of poverty and suffering. Then read two pages it was crap, all lies!!!! He set out in slums, he first set out for the Middle Alley and Trout Street areas, and evangelized. Breathing strange utterances and mouthing a creed which it would seem no sane mortal could understand, the newest religious sect has started in Los Angeles. Archbishop Coggin addressed the Conference and spoke in glowing terms of the renewal in England.


Frank Bartleman

It’s a great example of true strewt where there is unity and other denominations laying aside their differences to experience the baptism of the Spirit. From this single revival has issued a movement which by numbers over 50, classical Pentecostals in uncounted churches and missions in practically every nation of the world. While in Chicago, he attended the Moody Bible Institutewhich saw him work with various missions, such as the Pacific Garden Mission, in order to pay for room and board.

He appreciated how Go This was a strange read. They claim to have the “gift of tongues,” and to be able to comprehend the babel. This was an offensive and revolutionary teaching, since practically all Christians claimed to be baptized in the Spirit–evangelicals at the time of conversion and holiness people at the time of their “second blessing” or “entire sanctification. All seemed to recognize this and gave way. In the end, Bresee felt that the Azusa Street Pentecostal bordered on fanaticism etreet heresy by teaching that Christians are sanctified before they receive the baptism with the Holy Ghost, this baptism being a gift of power upon the sanctified life, and that the essential and necessary evidence of the baptism is the gift of speaking with new tongues, [which he called] a jargon, a senseless mumble.

There were far more stteet people than colored coming. The wandering life occasionally depressed him.