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Check out the amazing Star Wars buttons and patches from Bantha Tracks magazine that were released from the late ’70s to early ’80s. This group of x4 inch embroidered patches was released through the official Star Wars fan club in and are out of production. Can be sewn on clothing or . Bantha Tracks is a gen Star Wars newsletter. It has the subtitle: “Journal of the Official Star Wars/Lucas Film Fan Club.”.

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First available to fan club members in issue No. Often bootlegged, original versions of these 14 buttons are tough to find but well worth tracking down. Available in Bantha Tracks No.

A sticker of this image had been available in the very first fan club kit back inso it was no surprise that it finally made it into a patch. The change from the sticker? The full title of the film, Star Wars: First seen in Bantha Tracks issue No. In an age where merchandise of this kind was limited, the chance to own a cast and crew patch, one-sheet, or costume replica was gold dust.


and Bantha Tracks was Born! – Skywalking Through Neverland

Landing swiftly banttha the first Yoda patch, this appeared in Bantha Tracks No. The ad went to great pains to stress that this was not a reproduction but the genuine article.

This generously-sized replica logo patch appeared in Bantha Tracks No.

These days it might be difficult to impress just how intertwined Star Wars and Raiders were. This was the original fan club kit from and made available again in Bantha Tracks No. Made available as part of the Empire fan club kit which replaced tdacks original kit in springthis was first mentioned in Bantha Tracks No.

These were first detailed in Bantha Tracks No. I was fortunate enough to get a Revenge patch, which as a Star Wars- hungry year-old learning about the saga every day, I knew was special and unique.

Jedi Temple Archives Bantha Tracks Archive

This was part of the fan club kit first mentioned in Bantha Tracks No. Summer brought us a refresh on the fan club membership kit, and along with it the last original Bantha Tracks patch. First described in Bantha Tracks No.


Indeed, that same issue started a mega sale with special traxks reduced by percent, as Indiana Jones, Labyrinth, Howard the Duck, and LucasArts new releases would become the focus over the remaining issues.

With two Ewok movies and two animated series coming and departing during the final dozen batnha and over a year between the 34th and 35th issue in winter ofit seemed that the Star Wars fan club was slowly receding into the background as new Lucasfilm and ILM projects took precedence.

Bantha Tracksstar wars collectiblesStar Wars merchandise. Collectibles from the Outer Rim: Return of the Jedi Vending Machine Prizes!

Bantha Tracks Archives

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