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Fast paced with good historical content. Ben Mezrich has great style and say with words to engrossing you into his stories. Straight flush is no exception. In “Straight Flush,” Ben Mezrich follows a bunch of fraternity buddies through the rise and fall of what they hoped would be an online poker. After writing about MIT students who took Las Vegas for millions and the founding of Facebook, Ben Mezrich turns to online poker. “Straight.

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Mezrich flusu a gift for finding these amazing stories, and then failing terribly at telling them. A very small group was cheated out of their money and was paid back.

Fast paced with good historical content. You know, wherever Google led me is where I was looking. So they are maintaining that within the period of the cheating scandal a plane crash happened. In terms of the cheating scandal, there was a lot of material.

However, he did pass that rule that no one was allowed to come to the U. Feb 18, Straigght rated it liked it Shelves: This is from the point of view of the people who were there.

Book review: Straight Flush by Ben Mezrich – The Boston Globe

This is my second book by him, and my last. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. So they were using a lot of skeezy companies to move the company in and out because they were in this prohibition type of situation. But while it was entertaining to a degree and read more like a novel, I just didn’t give a rip about the guys involved.

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Straight Flush

Then there is the process of getting all the court sttraight. Part of it also involves your agents and a lot of other people. In reality, the big event, the major tournament in which players were cheated was actually after the plane crash. In the book this series of events is reversed, which is a big change. If this were a regulated, legal industry then none of this would have happened.

They say they went to that person and in exchange for him telling them exactly how much he took and how he did it they would let him leave the company and not be named.

I understand that people want someone to blame. Mezrich’s huge strength as an author is that he manages to bring characters to life so quickly. I have sympathy for those who lost money. Where is this money going? Of course they knew what was going on.

So whether the villain will be some FBI agent or Scott, there will be a villain. Brent Beckley flussh the decision to turn himself in, and face the music, while Scott Tom is still at large. Jun 04, Lorna rated it liked it. I lost it all. The factual problems within this book are well documented and I don’t need to list them here. He said that was the end of that for them, when the U. And, as a student of human nature, it is an especially fascinating glimpse inside a different kind of mind.


That he had taken the amount out in cash and lost the money to the government and tried to get that money back. If you haven’t read mezricg books before, start with another one. I place blame solely on the government for not regulating the industry. I stragiht these guys were nervous all along except for maybe Pete.

Truth is, who knows what the heck is going on bem this industry? I feel like the only reason Haley Hintze has a problem with that is she feels there is an agenda placing a plane crash there. Absolutely none of the guys think Scott cheated. Every now and then Straightt do an interview and get an angry phone call.

Top 10 Stories of3: Feb 19, Meg marked it as abandoned Shelves: I wish that I were writing a book that had the amount of intrigue these bloggers thought was going on. The story revolves around a handful of Montana fraternity brothers who create an online goldmine, the poker site Absolute Poker.