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THE BESORAH OF YAHUSHA. Uploaded by BesorahSeed. And this BESORAH of the REIGN shall be propclaimed in ALL the world as a witness in ALL the. talmidim of Rabbi Yahusha of Natsarith, providing the researcher with . Word, the message (Hebrew, “besorah”) and living by it, according to the Covenant. of Hazrat Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi’s work, regardless of who they are and Immersing oneself in the ocean of love and co.

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The vowels have been molested, but Yahuah has preserved the pure lip in a very unexpected place. This translation is new winefree of leaven human traditionsstraight from the Source of the Restorer Himself, so that we can become part of the team of rebuilders: There is a glossary for those who want to study certain words they encounter, and most books have the meaning of the book beside their title, providing the reader with more insight into the person that recorded it.


Sea Urchin Enterprises; 1st edition Language: There is so much more that could be said about how Different this version is. Here’s the first 26 verses, but you will not get to see the fonts for the ancient Hebrew on this webpage, you’ll need to order a copy to see them:. If we want to be literal, truthful, and consistent, at first we will seem “ridiculous”. The Hebrew roots have been severed for most of the last 2 millennia, and this publication is an effort to restore them so the Truth comes through once again, and the famine of the Words of Yahuah ends, and His Word can go forth once again into the besoraj.

  CAT 315D L PDF

Besorah of Yahusha Natsarim Version

If we had been conditioned to read the word Ebrahamand someone came along with the spelling Abrahampeople would be stunned yajusha first. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Although the New Testament wasn’t originally written in Ancient Hebrew, this besora helps shed some light on the story overall. Being scattered into the nations has had its consequences on the one group, and not the other.

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Besorah of Yahusha Natsarim Version. The counterfeit is exposed by the authentic. YishmaAl is a Hebrew word, and a name.

The Masoretes traditionalists worked for years to wreck the pronunciation of the Hebrew language 6th – 11th centuries. The true, original Name of Creator is used throughout, written in the original ancient Hebrew characters, yet leaving the rest of the text in English words.

This site requires JavaScript to function properly. As a former USA director of Institute for Scripture ResearchI had recommended in that ISR revise The Scriptures with the ancient Hebrew, rather than use the modern “Babelonian” script most commonly thought to be Hebrew, yet it is the alphabet of Aram, called Aramaic the squared script.

Scriptures for Yabusha Israelites: Share your thoughts with other customers. This is a new English Translation soft cover of the complete 66 books of Scripture restoring the Personal Name of the Creator to the text in palaeo-Hebrew script.


There will be no one steering you away from obedience to Torah in footnotes, turning the message into “wormwood”. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

The Hebrew was the yajusha source used for og conveying word meanings, expressions, and transliterating names and other words. As an officially authorized translation of the Hebrew word ishon little-man of the eye”apple” was first used in the KJV, In fact, “Besorah” is the Hebrew word that means message or report, that became the Old English term, Gospel, from the Greek euangelion.

To not follow Him is to choose the world. This book helped me to piece together some terms and names that didn’t make sense, otherwise.

The name Abrahim means “father of nations. White Polo with Logo.

BESORAH_BYNV Lew White Yahuah Yahusha

To follow Him is to choose Him over the world. The error I’m referring to is found at Mt. It’s not a perfect translation, but I haven’t found a perfect translation yet. It’s a great reference tool yahusah pastors and those performing deep research, and those interested in learning Hebrew fast, such as seminary students.