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Biografía[editar]. Ellen Schreiber fue actriz y monologuista antes de convertirse en escritora y -Vampire Kisses 1: Vampire Kisses () – Nabla Ediciones ISBN – Besos de Vampiro. -Vampire Kisses -Vampire Kisses 4: Dance with a Vampire () – Bailando con un Vampiro. -Vampire Kisses. Vampire Kisses has ratings and reviews. Alkyoni said: I don’t care that the writing is simplistic. I don’t care that the main character her. by Ellen Schreiber First published August 1st Sort by. title, original date published . Besos de vampiro (Vampire Kisses, #1). Published October by .

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No matter, she prefers the company of the undead she creates on her laptop, anyway. I write emotional, character schreober stories that always have a happy ending. This novel is kinda of what I wish my town was like, everyone is pretty good people with only a few bad apples instead of the other way around. It wouldn’t be as bad as it is if the characters had actual depth, if the parents weren’t as retarded and if the story had more meat.

Ellen Schreiber

I found the ending besso be a sad one though. She constantly dreams of embracing the darkness and she seems to have hit the jackpot when she meets a boy, Alexander, who she suspects might be a vampire. Vampire Kisses does amuse me though. And then, it became supernatural again at the end. Wow, no pressure here. The dialogue during these scenes are actually sort of fun and quirky.

It’s fun, it’s sexy, and it’s great romance. Cannot wait to get my hands on the second book! Open Preview See a Problem?


Editions of Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber

Kitschy besoe wore on my nerves and was caricatured, while some of the dialogue was downright painful. And that type is Vamp YA books, besoa I love the main character that is it, all the way to my guilty pleasures list.

So yeah back to Raven, so she sounds like an outcast right? View more news videos at: And bad middle grade at that. Other books in the series.

Preview — Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber. And not in the good way either. When I see all these stories in the news about the “new” genre of erotic romance I just shake my head. I love Raven’s family. The british girl’s whose name i don’t recall.

Everytime you think “Oh now we are getting to something” you get only dissapointment because the story really doesn’t ever pick up. Her brother, Billy, is nerdy but very cute. Thank you so much Samantha! When my first son was born my husband took a new job halfway across the country and I decided to take time dee from teaching. The thing is, the novelty wears off pretty fast. I love these books!! Ellen Schreiber’s spooky and stirring romance tells the story dw two outsiders who fall in love in a town where conformity reigns, and ends with a shocking surprise.

To see full review click here. Dw writing, while still showing strong traces of Anne Rice and Stephen King, is maturing nicely as she cleverly constructs this story within a story.

I’ve been reading it a little longer than that. Raven, who secretly covets a vampire kiss, both at the risk of her own mortality and Alexander’s loving trust, is dying to uncover the truth. There vsmpiro too many books eellen, especially for young adults, about it and very few are good When I first read this book, I could not put it down.

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I majored in History in college and started thinking about writing a book, but didn’t actually start my first romance novel until several years later when I was in graduate school. But really you should keep an open mind trust me, this is goooood stuff. I like Vampire Kisses because it has some elements that work.

Then I thought there is hope that all the supernatural talk would be just rumors. Her pack family, recently burned out of their West Virginia home df suspicious neighbors, has resettled in a vampirk Maryland suburb. Its very simple with not much depth to it but is a cute book. I love my little guilty pleasures! Mark, my ellne mentor, edited JL for me. The first time I heard that song I cried and Cherry Pie leapt into my mind almost fully written.

Sometimes we do great things in our school, classroom, or media center but we forget that people just might n I wrote freelance editorials for my college paper.

This book was for teeny boppy girls who are hopeless romantics and fantasize an Edward Cullen will someday come to get them. Raven sospecha que uno de sus tenebrosos miembros, la vigila.

Vampire Kisses 9 books.