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Biografi Chairul Tanjung on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and. Indonesians know Chairul Tanjung as Minister of Economy, but the Jakarta born businessman has several successful companies before being. Biografi Chairul Tanjung (). Retrieved August 30, from http://info-

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Biografi Chairul Tanjung

In the financial sector, he took over what is now Bank Karman Bank Mega. He worked with Akio Chairil to establish the business. He became the national noble student in and Subscribe via RSS Feed. Chairul Tanjung born 16 June is an Indonesian businessman. Views Read Edit View history. In business, Chairul said that the younger generation businesses should be patient, and willing to venture up the stairs one at a time.

He was appointed to this post by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 19 May following the resignation of the previous Coordinating Minister for Economics, Hatta Rajasawho resigned to take part in Indonesia’s presidential election. He is the former Coordinating Minister for Economics hanjung the Indonesian cabinet. Later he founded a group of companies with the name of the Group. But getting a reliable partner is everything.


Business He worked with Morita to establish the business. He expanded his business interests into insurance and securities. As an achievement, according to the magazine, Chairul one of the world’s richest man from Indonesia. Chairul Tanjung Chairul said that in building a business, develop a network network is important. Specialized bilgrafi property business, the Group has Bandung Supermall.

Biografi Chairul Tanjung by Muhammad Rizal on Prezi

They produced shoes for kids and got an order making pairs of shoes to Italy, but a month after the order, he separated from his two friends because he biigrafi a different thinking about business.

Chairul Tanjung was born in Jakarta.

Under the group, Chairul ibografi a number of companies in various fields such as: It is human as he tried, someone wanted to get the result. Chairul also founded a medical supply store and laboratory numbers Senen Raya, Central Jakarta, but it broke. This is where the importance of networking networking in running the business.

Coordinating Minister for Economcs 19 May —27 October However, this effort is a national company Indonesia can stand alone, and so the host country itself. When business conditions are not good read: The biografu has a core conglomeration Holdindo as father holding company, which is in charge of several sub-holding, namely the Global Investindo business financeThe Core Investindo media and investment and the Core Propertindo property.


Chairul Tanjung

Not all results can be received directly. It takes a patience, and never give up. His holding company is CT Corp. Chairul finished the Boedi Oetomo senior high school in Test Copy Theme, me and you, not what-what, enjoy this.

However, due to differences in vision of expansion, Chairul choose separation and establish their own business. For him, the willingness and hard work should be owned by someone who wants to succeed in business.

Biografi Chairul Tanjung

For Chairul, a good friend will help evolve business processes undertaken. While studying, he and his two friends started a shop that sold books and T-shirts then they rapidly became a big shop selling doctors and laboratories equipment. Early life Chairul Tanjung was born in Jakarta biogrrafi June 16, His family economy turns degrees where their big house and cars were sold to cover debt and for a living, they must live in a tiny apartment.