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That said, I’ll say that Jeremy Scahill’s “Blackwater” gets points for reportage, for his interviews and legwork. “Blackwater”, unlike P.W. Singer’s “Corporate. Jeremy Scahill: The only punishment doled out to US security men involved in deadly shootings is a jet home. Buy the Paperback Book Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill at , Canada’s largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on books over $25!.

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The US government is sending all over the globe huge companies whose sole purpose is to earn money, not to stabilize peace. They could interpret that charge in any way they saw fit and we all know that a good offense is the best defense. Well, it turned out not to be the case, and the main reason that it took the title of Blackwater was because not only was Blackwater probably the first company to go down this road, but it was also the company that pretty much set the benchmark.

Like, everyone with a conscience is aware of that fact? Probably the scariest thing is Blackwater is angling to be some sort of global mercenary “peacekeeping” force for the United Nations. But first, we need you to sign in to PBS using one of the services below.

Apparently the company was cutting costs and sent the men out in pairs instead of the normal 3, so there was no dude with a gun in the backseat protecting the guys in front who didn’t have accurate maps and were kind of lost and occupied navigating a city that even the marines wouldn’t enter at that time because the Americans were so hated there.

Maybe I’m being too critical. I thought about this a lot during this book — I also thought that the people who set up Blackwater are fundamentalist Christians and I thought it might be a good thing to say something along the lines that when people who have very strict moral standards are confronted with people who have different moral standards the first group of people often tend to do incredibly nasty things to the second group of people if they can get away with it.

Only the clients know about its exact tasks and activities. With Dick Cheney leading the way with Halliburton to turn public services into private profit, followed up by Donald Rumsfeld’s forceful application of the idea to the military, more lobbies have been added to the flock that hover over Congress directing the flow of federal dollars to private enterprise. It is so huge and dense with research but it skips along in intense narration.

An increasingly alienated from the general public and democratic principles Moloch builds up to secure his interests on an unmanageable and uncontrollable mercenary army.


The pay of a private army soldier is, as this book documents, 3 to 4 times that of a regular soldier. This, armed with immunity from prosecution and the duties and responsibilities of the police and military, could also operate within Western democracies.

Another issue I had with this book was how often Scahill would abandon a topic he brought up often for something less interesting at that such as when he starts to make connections between Blackwater and the CIA’s rendition flights then, after he admits he really doesn’t have any clear evidence to support his musings, simple drops the topic altogether.

The Journal: Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater | Bill Moyers | PBS

This was frustrating, and this book did not answer my questions, merely emphasizing them. Looks like typical arrogant imperialistic behaviour to me. Hope in the Congo. Privatising the Military 10 August I had already read a book on the rise of the modern mercenary forces, so bkackwater this book had sat on my shelf ever since I bought it, a part of me felt that maybe it was not only going to go over much of the same stuff that I had already read, but that it was going to be so focused upon Blackwater that it would start to get quite boring.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Specifically, “Patriot Act” and consorts aim at nothing more than the establishment of a close-meshed surveillance network. Private zcahill are accountable to pretty much no government for their recruitment practices. In all fairness, it is quite an interesting and informative book.

You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. Books by Jeremy Scahill. Topics US news Opinion.

In Trevor Paglen’s writing on rendition, Paglen often admits jeremyy only so many facts are availible and expectedly, a lot of conjecture must be entertained. The level of their vitriol is astonishing. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. It seems that many people view the government as literally having an unlimited pool of money, which theoretically they do — they can print more if they want. These companies blatantly define the protection of private infrastructure and company ownership as part of, if not core, their area of responsibility.

Scahill shockingly omits the fundamentally jremy fact that the overwhelming majority of contractors doing security and reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan are Iraqis and Afghans – the very people who should be doing security in reconstruction in their own country.

South Africa recently banned all “South Africans from participating ‘as a combatant for private gain in an armed conflict’ or from involvement in ‘any act aimed at overthrowing a government or undermining the constitutional order, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of a state” EXCEPT in “legitimate armed struggles, including struggles waged, in accordance with international humanitarian law, for national liberation; self-determination independence against colonialism, or resistance against occupation, aggression, or domination by foreign nationals or foreign forces.


S11 Ep51 53m 43s checkmark Add to Watchlist. Sep 13, Mariella rated it really liked it.

It is the recipe for endless war in the commercialization of combat and the completion of the vision of religious conservatives such as Chuck Prince that the U. Individuals are taxed on earnings, though if you are wealthy enough there are ways of scahull able to restructure that arrangement. Scahill blackwager no secret of his opinions, but backs them up with enough evidence that the reader can draw her own conclusions and it’s hard not to be equally alarmed at the rise of these private military companies.

Insightful and introduced me to the names of a whole cast of warmongers that I now need to stalk and sabotage. Yet the same propaganda was constantly being pumped out, and it was difficult to actually see the other side of the story. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Create one now Create a PBS account. They can hire anyone, including thugs that were involved in apartheid South Africa and Chile. I could have done without Scahill’s extensive efforts to prove over and over again how conservative the Prince family and Blackwater’s high administration are: The biggest problem with contractors like Blackwater from the perspective of the county and the world is that they are essentially mercenaries.

Phrases such as ” The thing is that this is war, but in another way it was also an experiment. Retrieved from ” https: Singer’s “Corporate Warriors” sets out to be an expose rather than a work of analysis, When I was a boy, I did want to be a mercenary soldier one day I’ll admit that. Use one of the services below to sign in to PBS:. Since much has been paid out of black and for the safety of the United States secret coffers, neither the exact financial framework nor the number of employed mercenaries can be quantified.

He stated they would pay soldiers a day, but charge Scahill quotes the statements of opponents as though they were transparent utterances of unalloyed truth. But he’s better at the small-scale stuff the story of how a bunch of Chilean Blackwater recruits ended up fighting an American war in Iraq, for instance than he is at the big-picture cont A good book about subject matter that raises a lot of questions, but Scahill doesn’t always do a satisfactory job of answering them.

Dealing with the Debt.