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Body Language For Dummies has ratings and 36 reviews. Kater said: When they say this book is for Dummies, they aren’t kidding. Too bad my city libr. Body Language For Dummies by Elizabeth Kuhnke, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy the Paperback Book Body Language For Dummies by Elizabeth Kuhnke at , Canada’s largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on.

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Body Language For Dummies : Elizabeth Kuhnke :

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. If you are puzzled by other people or want to improve the impression you give, knowing about body language could be the key. In this book you’ll discover how the body reveals what people really mean and how you can use your body and your expressions to improve your self-image to others.

It explores why we give the signals we do, how to read the most common expressions and If you are puzzled by other people or want to improve the impression you give, knowing about body language could be the key.

It explores why we give the signals we do, how to read the most common expressions and goes on to show how you can use your new understanding of body language for success at work, in relationships and in your communication. Actions really do speak louder than words!

Paperbackpages. Published December 11th by For Dummies first published January 1st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Body Language For Dummiesplease sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Body Language For Dummies. Lists with This Book. Dec 07, Kater Cheek rated it did not like it. When they khhnke this book is “for Dummies,” they aren’t kidding. Too bad my city library didn’t have the “Body Language for people who already know the obvious stuff and want advice from experts. I’d recommend this book for autistic people who are completely and utterly clueless about social interaction.

Everyone else is going to find it obvious and trite. I was hoping th When they say epizabeth book is “for Dummies,” they aren’t kidding. I was hoping that by reading about body language, I would think about other people’s body language by dumnies words, and it would help me write better beats for the characters in my novels.

Body Language For Dummies

The only thing new I learned from cor book was to sit at a 45 degree angle from someone if you want the conversation to be more open. I do that, but I’ve never written about a character doing that, so I guess I could say I learned that from this book. One of the things I liked the least about this novel was the heavy Freudianism. Sucking on a pen is like sucking on a nipple for comfort. Putting your fingernails in your mouth is like sucking on your mother’s breast.

Chewing on the glasses of your earpiece elzabeth like sucking on a breast. And this passage, which I found ludicrous: Her body is open, accentuating her chest. In this provocative position, the cigarette takes on the appearance of a ouhnke phallus that the woman slips between her lips and seductively sucks.


Sometimes a cigarette is just a cigarette. In addition to being Freudian, it was also tinged with that sexist evolutionary biology crap I’m getting so tired of. Men stand with their hands at their side to show power and aggression. Women stand with their hands at their sides to show submissiveness, and therefore attractiveness. It’s as if the author is promoting the idea that everyone is secretly into hetero BDSM kkuhnke their free time.

After a while I got tired of lines such as this: His brain releases hormones stimulating his desire to protect and defend her. I have the vapours. There were enough statements that rang false in this book that I started to doubt the authenticity of everything else, eg. Um, for most women, I’d say it’s not even in the top five, and boddy of those five are not displayed while wearing business attire. When a student or employee enters your office and you sit while he stands, you’re demonstrating your power.

Poor boyd, at the very least. The author flips “she” or “he” for the indeterminate gendered third person pronoun what’s wrong with using ‘they?

I strongly prefer it. She also has numerous anecdotes to demonstrate the point. They weren’t as horrid as some I’ve read, but they weren’t great either. The book repeats information unnecessarily. I read thrice in one chapter that westerners prefer people to be on time. To whom is this news?

Okay, Dummies, I suppose. I read the side info boxes I usually love those and none of them had information that I hadn’t read at least ten times elsewhere. It also, as with most books of this type, the advice skews heavily towards people who need to bullshit others–salespeople and daters. Only heterosexual daters, mind you, and then only submissive women who want aggressive men, and aggressive men who want submissive women.

Maybe it can give you a few pointers to find the right spear-thrower to provide mammoth meat for you while you whelp babies back in the cave. Mar 17, Dennis Morrison rated it really liked it. This was a useful, introductory book that will confirm the observations of someone already interested in body language. I also plan to read other titles on the subject to get more in-depth information. Beware some grammatical troubles and a few spelling langguage that may leave kuhnkr shaking your head.

Jul 04, Shannon rated it did not like it Shelves: Not enough pictures, too many “anecnoteds” from the author that weren’t really relevent. Nov 12, Abdullah Almuslem rated it liked it. As in the title: Apr 05, Dummiws Morgenstein rated it liked it. There were three parts that consisted of the upper body, lower body, and a unison of both that focused more on context.

The chapters got a little bit more specific, for example, the one with the eyes and the one with ffor body l The positives: The chapters got a little bit more specific, for example, the one with the eyes and the one with the elizabteh language stood out to me. The good job the author did in classifying the separated content makes this text valuable as a referenceable guide.

And if we just consider this book useful for referencing purposes only, then it would cor negate my objection of there being an overwhelming amount of in-text references. What I exactly mean by “in-text references” is when the author puts at the end of a given fro I understand that the Dummies elizwbeth usually do this, and for good reason because it can definitely be useful if you want to delve into another related languwge and it may be the reason why I came across this book in the first place.


But, to be honest it was way too much this time. It was irritating how many times i’ve came across it reading this text from start to finish. I believe the Dummies book’s languabe made to be used as reference guides as well, but are definitely not limited to being just one and the writing is geared to start-to-finish type reading.

As langhage as the content goes, well, it goes both ways. There is certainly a lot of interesting things I’ve learned and they are definitely prescriptive to getting a better grip in the social sphere.

Nevertheless, many descriptions in the text are just plain commonsense kuhnkke so intuitive for the average person.

In reality they are probably more suitable for someone like Elizabeth Fritzl and her children or for those that suffer from Autism. The author, Elizabeth Kuhnke, should have a better idea of who her audience is and weed out the simplistic fluff for the next edition. Also, although this probably isn’t true, much of the good less obvious advice gives the impression that it comes from the author’s intuition. This probably isn’t the case, but it would have been better if backed by scientific evidence and by this i mean stated as so, with references.

Also, another criticism I have of the book is that it’s written from the woman’s perspective. This is by no means a knock at the gender of the author, but what I am saying is that she made much of the writing less bj and clear that it comes from the perspective of women. As a man, this is a good thing especially when it comes to the ellizabeth interest and dating section, but not a good thing from an objective and reviewer-oriented perspective.

It may be more strenuous, because the different genders perceive things differently, but there can be some solutions: In the end of the day, despite my reservations, this text is useful and I will probably reference back gy it for certain things but it definitely has its limitations in many ways.

Jul 31, Floduardo de Almeida rated it really liked it. Most of the things that this book speaks are basic but good reminders!! Dec 19, Kevin Pora rated it it was ok. I wouldn’t recommend this read. Nov 15, Dina Falah rated it it was ok. Reading 52 challenge no.

The book is helpful for finding out extremely helpful information that can be used in all manners of life, from romance, global business deals, spotting the liars, and knowing when someone is holding something back. It covers a wide variety of topics and even provides numerous examples of thes Reading 52 challenge no. It covers a wide variety of topics and even provides numerous examples of these situations and dummes may play dummifs and what can be done in them.

This would be an excellent starting point for anyone who wish to start studying this topic, or even fod those who already have a baseline to start from and simply wish to add to their repertoire.