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For better or worse, the only unabridged English translation of the Brahmanda Purana is the one by G.V. Tagare, published by Motilal. The Brahmanda Purana (Sanskrit: ब्रह्माण्ड पुराण, Brahmāṇḍa . Click on the links below for the English translation of Brahmanda Purana, published. I was researching to find out which Purana to read first and decided to start with the Brahmanda. Buying is a little out of my league for the.

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Thus the third section Upodghdta has been split into 2 englihs. Performance of Sraddha under different Constellations This section describes the original state of equilibrium of gunas qualitiesthe laying of the Golden Egg, the emergence of the creator lord Brahma from it. The fourth enclosure was watched by the rainy season who was stationed in the Haricandanavasi.

Volume 1 Kannada Brahmanda Purana: Retrieved from ” https: The Sun, the surces purnaa Light to Luminaries Stories from the Padma Purana.

The remaining ten are included in volume 26 that is the next. He has put elaborate comments in these notes on each and every problem of importance and discussed textual variations in the verses common in the preface.


Brahmanda Purana

Here the text is full of corrupt readings and obscurities. Lord visnu is said to have assumed the form of Mohini while Siva impassioned by her charm dropped semen giving birth to mahasasta.

I have purchased several items from Exotic India: Even for Vayu puranathere is no other english translations besides one from Tagare? The middle part consists of section 3 named Upodghata.

Download Brahmanda Purana in English in Pdf format for free

The need of annotations is evident therefore. This suggests that older versions of the Indian text may have been smaller, in a different style, and without prophecy-related sections.

The remaining cbs of this section are treated in the next volume. The chapter ends with the return of Mahasena karttikeya to Sripura to serve Lalita goddess. Made of pearls the cakra had sixteen coverings.

Brahmanda Purana translated into english in PDF.

Dalvir Singh Chauhan Hardcover Edition: By the side of Cintamaitigrha stood the palace of Mantrinatha, surrounded by the peak of Kadamba trees. The Date of the Brahmanda Purana lxxix X. Religious Sects in the Brahmana Purana: Manifestation of Visnu 6. God Brahma’s Mental Creation: Contents of the Brahmanda Purana 3 2. Knowledge About the World 65 8. He advises Parasurama to perform penance for twelve years.


He would not allow Paraurama to enter the palace at that unusual hour. In Jan Gonda ed. Fall of King Vasu for denunciation of Sacrifices Truly very appreciated, Namaste. The other six enclosures of chambers were watched by the six Indian seasons: The third enclosure envlish watched by the Summer season who was stationed englisu Santana-Vasika.

Varsas of Jambudvipa, Hari and Havrta In the tenth covering twenty-three. I am grateful to be your customer. Offering Rice-Cake to the Manes: