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Breeding Cycle. The Kategan Alphas 1. Published by T. A. Grey at Smashwords. WARNING: The content in this book contains explicit sexual content. This book. LibraryThing Review. User Review – msphotogirl – LibraryThing. I did not finish this one. Maybe I’ll pick it up again later. However when I notice. Breeding Cycle (The Kategan Alphas #1) by T. A. Grey: When Princess Sarina Brunes is locked away during her breeding cycle – the only time.

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So Sarina is basically treated as property and not allowed to intera Now this was a seriously interesting book. I would enjoy this book more if not for the mention of love.

A Grey’s The Loneliest Alpha i was itching to read another of yccle creations It was short but I liked it.

Breeding Cycle

View all 3 comments. Also, there’s no shifting. I wanted to kill Sarina’s dad. Yes their was a story. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

She’s 22, not That’s not what made this horrible. I like something with a little more sustenance than this. This was just horrible. Alright, it is what it is It’s perfectly alright to include sex in a story. An evil father locks his daughter away out in the woods while she is going thru her mating heat to prevent her from loosing her virginity. Hence why I gave it a 2 or 2. This so called storyline has been used a lot; Actually, I’d say it’s been raped. Now this book of course has a happy sappy ending, but not one that made me want to squeeze lemon juice into my eyeballs.


Breeding Cycle (The Kategan Alphas, #1) by T.A. Grey

A few typos here and there. I have come to the conclusion that the very thin plots and too much sex in both the books I read are just not my cup of tea. And when her man is captured by dear old dad, she just waits for dad to kill him.

The sex, because it’s erotica, was still plentiful throughout the novel but it wasn’t until after chapter 9 that a story started to form.

I was clearly unimpressed by this book. Grey attempted to weave a bit of story into it. I need to be inside you. Jul 16, Sandra rated it liked it Katega A decent plot that could have been great if it was executed better.

Which I think is another spelling of lycan. Other books in the series. At least, I assume that’s true, since I could have clarified quite a lot of the book with just sentence rewording myself in an afternoon.

The sex scenes seem to be written by someone who has never had sex. The beginning the main character Sarina is having an imaginary 3 way which i didn’t actually get was imaginary until she proclaimed she was a virgin later on, kaetgan whole book was just a load of foreplay no real story.

For a darker, erotic paranormal world rife with twisted political machinations, jealous exes, and erotic blood bonds, check out her addicting Untouchables Series where the Blackmoore men may rule the world but not the women in their lives.

Each day her cycle churned, paining her, wetting her. While I didn’t mind the heroine in the beginning, I could at least tolerate her while she and the hero spent time at the cabin, when she was back at the castle with her best friend, she completely changed and spoke like a teenager.


Breeding Cycle: The Kategan Alphas 1 – T. A. Grey – Google Books

However when I notice names wrong in the first scene of the book, that shows me it was kkategan bad editing job. For real, a lot of improper verb usage and run-on sentences with completely messed up punctuation could be found and fixed through Office’s spelling and grammar check feature.

Each year the pressure inside her grew stronger, more powerful. Luckily for Sarina, a male does turn up who is in fact her mate but her father doesn’t approve. I discovered a run-on sentence that I actually had to re The very first sentence starts the book with a sexual interlude. I’m getting them all! Looking forward to read the next books in the series! I read these kinds of books because I want to fall in love with heroes. Will he make her cave before pain will take over her?

The very first scene in this book sets the tone for the entire book. So yeah, while there is plenty of sex, it still doesn’t live up to the “hotness” that it promises. This was just horrible.

Feb 14, Laura rated it did not like it Shelves: I don’t need much when reading a paranormal novella involving were-wolves.