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This Service Manual is intended for use by service personnel and details the construction, theory of operation, and maintenance for the Brother machines. Mfccw Repair Manual. One sort of brother mfc cw service manual is the fact that which includes a technical device. It may help explain installation. One sort of brother laser printer service manual is that which features service manual that you’ll require. SERVICE MANUAL BROTHER MFC CW. Brother .

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Document pressure roller 1 Document pressure roller shaft Spring cap Page Platen 16 Release the PF timing belt from the paper ejection roller gear. Then pull out the paper pull- in roller L while turning it. Switching between pulse DP and tone PB dialing, by the function switch This selector determines whether or not the dialing mode can be switched between the pulse DP and tone PB dialing by using the function switch.

No pattern Not used. Disable default number to PC Extension of the waiting time 0: Page PCB to be unusable. Each damper assembly has two chambers. The user-accessible functions codes 10 to 12, 46, 52, 53, 66, 75, 76, 80, 82, 87, 88, and 91 are shaded in the table given on the previous page.


Automatic Setting of the equalizer 0 1: Page 3 On your PC, run “filedg Extension of incoming calling signal CI frequency band specified by selectors 1 through 4 on WSW14 At the start of reception, if the machine detects the frequency of a CI signal specified by selectors 1 through 4 on WSW14, it starts the ringer sounding.

Next press the four times to make the machine enter the maintenance mode.

Page 63 – Outer back cover shown on page By pressing brotber button you will print only current page. Engine Unit And Flushing Box 6. However, the machine may fail to detect the CI signal normally due to noise superimposed at the time of reception. Link gear holder DX ASSY for duplex print models 2 If the ink absorber box has not been removed, pull out the main drain tube from the ink absorber box.

  ASTM F2328 PDF

Setting vrother selector to “1” Do not remove the ink absorber box unless it needs to be replaced.

Lock arm Scanner cover damper Black level data error. Page 7 With the “2. Bottom margin adjustment 14 Drag and drop the “bottomadj. At the left bother of the CR encoder strip, align the rectangular hole in the strip with the boss of the strip support and take the strip off.

The machine returns to the initial stage of the maintenance mode. Foreign materials in the Remove foreign materials.

Brother DCP6690CW Service Manual

Page 76 Disc valve S Air intake port Ink empty sensor Sensor actuator Ink supply port InkBackflowPrevention Disc valve D Discrimination of ink cartridge type When the user is inserting an ink cartridge into the machine, a part of the cartridge interrupts the light paths of the ink cartridge detection sensor and 6409cw empty sensor both are photosensors of transparent typewhich are mounted on the ink refill assembly as shown on the next page.

If the machine detects either of the frequencies set by these selectors in ICM recording, it disconnects the line. First pull and release the rightmost latch viewed from the rear and then the remaining two ones. Page [ 7 ] Paper feeding mechanism Defective component Result Error codes Paper feed roller – Any of the following images may appear on the printout: Nation code or manufacturer code not coincident. The disassembly order flow provided enables you to see at a glance the quickest way to get to component s involved.


Brother Support – Login

Mannual 1 On your PC, run “filedg Note that the unidirectional print mode sacrifices the print speed. No pause 0 0 1: WSW44 Speeding up scanning-1 Not used.

In addition, some files are archived, so you need WinZip or WinRar to open that files. Next, the paper feed motor reverses to activate the tube pump, producing negative pressure to drain mvc air and old ink from the head nozzles and channels into the ink absorber box.


Automatic Default contrast 0 1: Disable regardless of borderless printing selector 6 on AMS05 Page Combination patterns of AMS02 and AMS05 settings for application of head-platen gap offset Enable head-platen gap offset Enable head-platen gap Manusl regardless of offset for the following mode when borderless when borderless borderless printing type of paper switch printing is disabled printing is enabled setting AMS This concurrent drive continues until zervice leading edge of the paper comes under the star wheels majual the CR support chassis.

Narrows by 10 Hz Dial tone frequency band control 0 1: Fixed to 4 points 1 1: Page 3 Preface This Service Manual is intended for use by service personnel and details the specifications, construction, theory of operation, and maintenance for the Brother machines noted on the front cover. Left and right margin adjustment 2 Drag and drop the “media. Page WSW No. For example, if these selectors are set to “0, 0,” the machine disconnects the line upon detection of Hz or Hz. Page Appendix 4.

Instead, contact your nearest service center! Then release latch “b” from the document cover with the tip of a flat screwdriver and remove the ADF rear cover.

Page 64 After the machine prints on the top face of the recording paper, the duplex print mechanism for duplex print models detailed on page drives the DX flapper in the duplex unit to switch the recording paper path and then drives the switchback roller SB roller to switch back the recording paper that has just been printed on its top face and ejected temporarily to the duplex unit toward the DX paper tray 1. Paper double feeding caused Reload paper.

Before copying, check that the file name of the firmware matches with your machine.