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Bundeskindergeldgesetz (BKGG). 2 () examined the United Kingdom’s Child Benefit program . (), where during the consid-. Bundeskindergeldgesetz (Federal Law on Allowances in respect of De- .. 6 Hamburgisches OVG, Beschluss vom , 3 Bs BKGG. Bundeskindergeldgesetz (Federal Law on Allowances in respect of Depen- In / two major legislative changes were made relating to the free.

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Family allowances shall not be paid for a child who receives one of the following benefits or who would receive such a benefit if an application to that effect bundesskindergeldgesetz made: Act to strengthen the rights of the physical, not legal father. Benefits confluence Chapter 6. Amendment to the Act on the Protection against Dismissal Article 5.

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According to the Commission, ideally, all the conditions just mentioned should be laid down in the law of the competent Member State. Daily rest periods at duty station Section 4. It must be borne in mind that procedures for applying the rules against overlapping of family benefits have been put in place by the EU legislature and provide, in particular, for the exchange of information between the institutions of the Member States of residence and employment to enable a comparison to be made of the benefits at issue and of their respective amounts so that the amount of any differential supplement may be calculated.

Exposure limits and protective measures against artificial optical radiation Section 4. N 36 39 CJ Termination of the Agreement.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Acceptance of Explanations; Right of appropriation Section V. Pension insurance Part IV. Agreement between the Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany on special benefits export for entitled persons, residents on the territory of the Republic of Poland, done in Warsaw 20112 the 5th December Text No.

Amendment to the Medical products Act Article Germany bundeskindergeldhesetz – Law, Act Act to further improve the financial structure and quality of the statutory health insurance.


Article 19 al 6 phrase 31 December changed to 31 March Regulation on the working conditions of mobile workers engaged in inter-operable cross-border railway transport Railway Crews Regulation. Decree on the recreational leave of civil servants and judges in the federal service – Adoption: Court of Justice Country or organisation from which the decision originates: Regulation concerning the maritime medical bundeskindergeldgestez on merchant ships.

Act on mandatory working conditions for frontier and seconded workers and domestic workers employed on a regular basis – Seconded Workers Act. Scope and Definitions Section 2. Law of the Republic of Georgia on Defence.

Germany – – International agreement Agreement between the Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany on special benefits export for entitled persons, residents on the territory of the Republic of Poland, done in Warsaw on the 5th December Text No.

Requirements for crew members of ships carrying out offshore activities Section 4. It is therefore necessary for the person concerned to fulfil all the conditions, as to both form and substance, imposed by the internal legislation of that State in order to be able to exercise that right, which may in some cases include the condition that a prior application must have been made for the payment of such benefits.

Act to combat the corruption in healthcare. Administrative offenses, entry into force, expiry. Regulation on the collection of migrant background characteristics Migration background collection Regulation Verordnung zur Erhebung der Merkmale des Migrationshintergrundes Migrationshintergrund Erhebungsverordnung – MighEV – Adoption: Germany – – Law, Act Act to improve the legal position of asylum seekers and accepted foreigners.

Amendments to the Social Courts Act. Umsetzung europaischer Vorgaben zum Sexualstraftrechts – Adoption: Transmission and processing of electronic data in the social security Title 1.

EUR-Lex – CC – EN – EUR-Lex

Cancellation of the Agreement Germany – – Law, Act Act to implement the Council Framework Decision on combating the sexual exploitation of children and child pornography. Requirements of essential bodies Section 6. In other words, the decision did not fall within the ambit of any circumscribed powers. The majority union is the union that has the most members at the time a subsequent collective agreement that includes the colliding provisions is concluded.


Weekly and annual rest periods Section 7. Germany – – Law, Act Act to combat child marriages. Qualifications for the overall operation of the ship Part V. Act bundeskindeggeldgesetz the Temporary Employment Act – Prevention of abuse of temporary workers.

Insight into the debtors’ list Section 4. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

Part 1 – General Provisions Part 2 – Minimum Requirement for Work by Crew Members on Ships Part 3 – Conditions of Employment Part 4 – Vocational Training on Board Part 5 – Accommodation and recreational facilities, food and catering Part 6 – Safety and health protection at work, medical care and social care Part 7 – Order on board and right of complaint Part 8 – Certificates and responsibility of the flag State Part 9 – Requirements of ships flying a foreign flag and the responsibility of the port State Part 10 – Enforcement of working and living conditions Part 11 – Provisions on penalties and fines Part 12 – Final Provisions.

Skip to main content. Scope of Regulation and definitions Section 2. Act on the Federal Volunteer Service.

bundeeskindergeldgesetz Act concerning better employment opportunities in the labour market Employment Opportunity Act.

Amendment to the Act to intensify measures against illegal employment and tax evasion connected with illegal employment Article 3. The Finanzgericht Finance Courtbefore which Ms Fassbender-Firman brought her case, declared the decision of the Familienkasse to withdraw the award and recover the family allowances unlawful.