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Mesmerized (Hqn) [Candace Camp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Candace Camp. Mesmerized · Add To Cart. Mesmerized. From the Publisher. Her Cross To Bear. All her life, Olivia Moreland has denied her clairvoyant. Mira, Oct , , pp. ISBN: In Olivia Moreland works at exposing hoaxes that prey on the grieving who desperately want to.

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Notify me of new posts by email. It would be safer, much safer, simply to remove herself from his presence. The duo shares in common a healthy skepticism and a growing attraction. And of an intriguing affair between two people who have been dead for centuries.

He was dangerous in a way she had never experienced before. Thankfully, this book mixed historical romance with a dash of the paranormal to produce something rather different- and something that I rather enjoyed!


Leger meeting Lady Olivia Moreland during a seance. Website by Site Street. The romance was sweet, and I do really love the ghostly and mysterious additions to a traditional historical romance. I think the story suffered from pacing. Olivia feels an unexpected connection with Lord Stephen, which surprises her as she has never met him before.

Overall it was an excellent read, and I’m looking forward to more from this author. Two pseudonyms Kristin James and Sharon Stephens and many books later, Candace writes under her own name Candace Camp and still loves mesmeriezd stories.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. At the end of the season, he heads to London to pick up his mother, sister, and his brother’s widow and return them home. Too informative making it too predictable. Leger believes his grieving mother has been duped by a fraudulent medium who has convinced her that she can speak to his deceased brother.

I liked the fact that they got to know each other before the intimacies, which cansace steamy and added the romance. The psychic seems to not be so fake after all? Olivia Moreland is a paranormal skeptic who has made it her business to investigate and disprove fraudulent mediums. Be the first to review this product.

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She is not interested in being in society, deciding her calling is exposing mediums who prey on the gullible who hope to make contact with love ones who have died.

Jan 11, Melissa rated it liked it. Olivia and Ste Mesmerized is the first in the Mad Moreland series. I’ve been reading these serial reads on my nook app for a while now, and this was the first one that made me want to buy a copy and read the whole thing instead of waiting for each section to be released over the month.

In some parts I spooked too, Olivia is a member of “Mad Morelands” and her job is uncloack the mediums’ tricks. That storyline gets real frustrating real quick, so it was a refreshing change here that both the hero and the heroine are in on the creepy goings-on, and also that they’re believably skeptical, but not stupidly so in the face of clear evidence another frequent pitfall in supernatural stories I’ve read.

Jan 09, Vicky rated it liked it.

Mesmerized : Candace Camp :

There actually is ghostly shit going down at Blackhope, just so all readers are aware. Hope if any of you happen to read this book, you guys enjoy it more than I did. Lord Stephen is hoping that Olivia will join them. To prove that Stephan hires Olivia. Countless times, the main ladies, Lady Alys and Lady Olivia were both depicted as mesmeruzed who aren’t only strong, they’re also have great hearts.

Leger estate, Mesmerizex Hall. Disclosure The majority of the books reviewed at this site have been camo by publishers, authors, or other third parties like NetGalley.

This one was a bit flat, sometimes boring. Of course she is not, and he ends up hiring her to come to a house party to reveal the charlatan that is his mother’s psychic. Now, Olivia mainly uses her resources to expose fakes for what they are as she has become quite knowledgeable in their tricks. Mesmerized is the first in the Mad Moreland series. Actually, most of the scenes should’ve been great but I found that the writing isn’t for me.


Overall, Mesmerised was a good read, with a mesmsrized unique premise, memorable characters and some good plotting. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Review: Mesmerized by Candace Camp

It just was not done, and would have completely ruined her reputation. Log in for fast checkout. This engaging Victorian romance will please readers who appreciate a spunky young woman, a hunk of a hero, a touch of the supernatural perhaps and a pinch of suspense. Flashing between the past and the present, Camp keeps readers on edge as she slowly reveals the villain s and their agenda.

Overall book rating

That was a real disappointment since I thought that was the most original part of the plot. The last time he’d called Blackhope Hall home, Stephen had watched as his elder brother claimed both the family title and the woman he loved.

Leger who inadvertently exposes her intentions. Olivia Moreland, who prefers “Miss” to “Lady,” is quite unusual for a young woman in and comes from a family who holds quite progressive views.

Looking for beautiful books? Despite being a lady, she made a profession of investigating and exposing charlatans, specifically those who are engaged in paranormal activities, and in such investigations she met Lord Stephen St. Other books in the series.