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View and Download Canon ImageCLASS D fax manual online. Canon imageCLASS D Fax Guide. ImageCLASS D All in One Printer pdf manual. Canon Printer User Manual. IMAGECLASS D Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Imageclass d, Imageclass d, Imageclass d Find solutions to your canon d manual question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on canon d manual related issues.

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Read this manual carefully. Use this manual when you need quick reference help for the printer feature of your machine. Troubleshooting feed and copy issues Sending and receiving faxes Checking the Status of a Print Job Set-up Instructions Basic Guide However, as we are constantly improving our products, if you need an exact specification, please contact Canon. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. CAPT gives acnon instant access to printer information.

The keys or buttons which you should press are marked with multiple buttons or keys can be pressed, they will be highlighted and mentioned in the order in which they should be pressed. It also explains where to find help and information regarding the installation and use of this software.

CAPT enables you to print from any Windows application to your machine. You can acquire information about Canon products and update your software on the Canon home page http: Online Help You can locate additional help for questions you may have regarding your printer in the Online Help file provided canln the software.

It includes the following information: If you are using the imageCLASS D series machine as a local manua connected directly to your computer follow the steps below. Fanon Specify a location and click Browse… to select the driver in the language that you want to install.

When the following dialog box appears, click Finish. The screen displays the selected driver file. Type the fanon name you wish to use, then click Finish. If other printer drivers are already installed on the parallel port LPT 1, etc.

Double-click the Add Printer icon.

The Add Printer Wizard dialog box appears. The Install From Disk dialog box appears. Use Browse… to select the directory or enter the path name that contains the printer software, then click OK.

Enter the name you wish to use, then click Finish. When the installation is complete, the following dialog box appears. To close the dialog box, click OK. The Found New Hardware Wizard dialog box appears.

imageCLASS MF3240

Click Browse… to select the driver in the language that you want to install. Log on as member of Administrators. The full control access right for the printer is necessary for the installation x880 CAPT. Select whether this printer is shared with other computers. If it is shared, select all the operating systems that will use this printer. Click Yes recommended if you want to print a test page, or No if you do not want to print a test page, then click Finish. Click OK to close the dialog box.


If you opted to print v880 test page, the test page prints after the installation completes, and the following dialog box appears. If the test page printed correctly, click OK. S880 easiest way is using automatic network download. If network download is not available, you can use the Add Printer Wizard. If the connection fails you are able to install the printer, but you will not be able to use the printer until it comes back online.

Select the printer you want to connect to, then click OK. If the printer name is invalid, it means that the client could not connect to the mqnual printer specified. See your print server system documentation for more information. Click File and Print Sharing Click OK and then restart Windows.

Enter the Share Name, Comment, and Password as needed. Enter the Share Name and Comment as needed. Click OK when you have finished adding users. Do not enter space or special character in the Manula Name. Select the Services tab, and if the Server is not shown, click Add Select the Server, and click OK. Right-click the Local Area Connection icon, then select Properties from the menu. The Mznual Area Connection Properties dialog box appears.

Enter the Share Name as needed. The printer icon changes to indicate sharing. Sharing settings may also be made during installation. You can select the following from the Canon iC D group: You manaul use a bidirectional cable for proper manaul.

This window shows you the paper moving through the machine, how long it will take to print the document, and how much of the document has printed. Chapter 3 Printer Properties This chapter describes the dialogs and settings on the Printer Properties screens.

The number of tabs displayed in the Properties dialog box depends on how you have your system set up. Refer to your Canln operating system documentation for more information.

Spool Settings The installer sets the following defaults This tab is available only when file and printer sharing is enabled.

Manual Scaling lets you shrink or enlarge images. This option only appears when 1 Page per Sheet is selected as the Page Layout. Check on the check box to set a reduction or enlargement percentage 10 to If you wish, enter a unique name in the Name area. Select the Unit of measurement Millimeter or Inch. Define the Paper Size using the Width 3. Overlay Overlay Printing allows to overlay the document created in any Windows application onto a preselected form file.


For example, if there is a form file containing a company name, logo, or address, it will be printed in the same position on each page of the document altogether with the print data created in an application. Setting Overlay To make settings for overlay, printing click Overlay The Overlay dialog box appears.

Use Browse… to select the file that contains the overlay data. File Name sets the file name to use as the overlay form. The File Name dropdown list stores up to nine file names beside the default none setting. When the overlay and application print data overlap, print result may differ depending on the overlay file format and the application being used. Settings for overlay printing of your machine allow you to place overlay form in the foreground in front or in the background in back of the application print data.

Check the check boxes to collate the document or print it in reverse output order. Paper Source lets you specify paper feed method. Select from Cassette or Multi-purpose Tray. Paper Type lets you select from following types of paper: Halftones is the process of converting a greyscale image to black dots and white unprinted dots that simulate the grey shades in the original image.

Canon imageCLASS D Manual

Different halftone patterns give different grey shade results. Toner Save thins the black areas of print data, so toner consumption is reduced. Image Refinement is a printer technology from Canon, with which the printer automatically senses and refines the jagged edges and ragged curves of characters and graphics. To view the default document properties, select Document Defaults Specifies to print a test page and separator pages.

Spool print documents so program finishes printing faster and Start printing immediately are set automatically when you install the printer driver. Refer to your operating system documentation for more information.


Print Server Properties refer to p. Only paper sizes that are supported by your printer will be available in this dialog box. Paper size can range in height from 5″ to 14″ mm to Enter the values for Width 5″ to 14″ mm to Be sure to designate values such that the height is equal to or greater than the width. Be sure to enter all the values required in Step Manuak the Steps to setup more custom paper sizes. Copies lets you specify the number of copies to be printed 1 to