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CASEVision/ClearCase Concepts Guide. a high-level discussion of product features. CASEVision/ClearCase User’s Guide and Administration Guide. collections. Administrator’s Guide: Rational ClearCase document and related documents introduce several key concepts— including native mode, mixed mode, domain. ClearCase is a comprehensive software configuration management system. .. In addition to this manual, the CASEVision™/ClearCase Concepts Guide, the.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Second directory is for local tools Tim has written. No one likes to type a long command name. Aliases work in ksh and bash.

Be aware of cleartool with no arguments—you enter a mode in which its commands are entered to it directly and you are not in a shell.

Clear Case Concepts and Terminology

This is usually less convenient no shell command line editingso quit. Set a view context to the view you want to use. This invokes a sub-shell. Go to the VOB root directory to access your files.

Show me what view context I am in, if any, i. Working with files in your view—the most common commands 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 41 42 43 44 45 directory ct checkout —unr foo. Create a view-private file. Build in a view, creating.

CASEVision™/ClearCase Administration Guide Document Number |

Use command to show differences between files. Check-in file to save your changes.


Check-in files often better backups! Rename a file in VOB—note that you must checkout the directory first, since you are modifying casevjsion contents of the directory. Then check the directory back in too!

Directory must be checked out, like for mv. Omit the -g option if you want plain text output.

List a syntax summary of all cleartool commands, or just on one. Start the ClearCase graphical tutorial system. Show history of activity for current directory, graphically. General graphical tool for browsing source code and other tasks in ClearCase. Show the label type objects defined for the current vob.

List file versions that exist cleatcase branch caseviaion aa for the current directory sub-tree. Power user mechanisms in ClearCase Change directory to the root of the version tree for the element foo.

This shows the power of version-extended pathnames. Change directory to the view root directory and use that mechanism to easily compare the version of the file foo.

The views have to be active on your machine for this view-extended pathname access to different views to work: The conncepts option shows the changes in diff 1 format within files that exist in both views. Local script that shows difference between 2 labeled application releases. Local script that applies a label to a VOB. Local script to quickly and succinctly show vasevision needed from other views.

Request help from ClearCase administrator with a command that does not work. Define some ksh Korn shell functions for quick invocation of common ClearCase commands. Merge files with the command line.

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Introduction to ClearCase Administration v 1.0 – Wood

Not recommend for most developers. Complicated tool csevision determine which files have to be merged. Should be done clearcasw merging files, if you have added any files or directories to your vob. An example of the —fversion option is The -okgmerge option requests that ClearCase attempt automatic merging but requires you to approve each merge before it completes. Other Helpful ClearCase Documentation Most developers do not seem to like to read manuals, but when they do, they appreciate knowing which ones, or which parts, are the most useful for them.

An excellent overview of ClearCase concepts—the best single place to get foncepts. Too bad Rational removed it from the documentation in later releases. Chapter 14 in the Managing Software Projects manual A more detailed overview of how merging works and typical merging scenarios. Unix or Windows edition: Clear Case Concepts and Terminology. Resume – Trelco Limited Company.

Introduction to ClearCase Administration v 1. Faculty Directory Information Form. Installing the CAR package. ClearCase Utilities — How do I.