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Manuals and User Guides for Celestron NexStar SLT. We have 1 Celestron NexStar SLT manual available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. View and Download Celestron NexStar SLT quick setup manual online. Celestron NexStar SLT: Quick Setup. NexStar SLT Telescope pdf manual . SkyQ Link WiFi Module Version 2 Manual – Celestron provides this sheet for download for both modules. CPC and CPC NexStar SLT Series. NexStar+ Hand.

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The Optical Tube Assembly. The inside of the barrel was rather shiny manuwl this could. It seemed in several ways to be a real improvement on the mm Newtonians that I have seen.

Here is a work-around that will give the scope an approximate tracking rate if you have a reasonable knowledge of the sky. So far, very good. I must honestly say that I was surprised and impressed at the f5 Newtonian tube assembly.

The most common is called lateral colour which means that a bright object will show some colour fringing near the field edge.

Celestron NexStar 130SLT Manuals

I was then asked to slew the telescope to a second object and, in the same way, I aligned it on a very bright object low in the South Sirius, as I suspect you may guess.

They are made of thin steel tensioned by screws around the optical tube. Tracking with an Alt-Az mount.

Don’t show me this message again. This obviously limits the weight that can be supported – to around 5kg.

Celestron NexStar 130SLT Quick Setup Manual

The image was very clean and focus was easy to find. I think I would rather the software was not as clever and one had to change the rate in the usual fashion. The computer will tell you to align on a specific star. You are then asked to centre it in the field of view of the telescope. This is certainly better than the aluminium tripods that have been used on this class of telescope before but it is still very light. I was asked to use the red dot finder to point to a first bright object.


The computer has made 6 measurements 3 azimuteh and 3 Altitude so it is then able to solve for the position of true north and the two numbers which define he tilt of the mount away from the horizontal.

Accesses a set of object lists such as named stars and named objects. Before you can begin observing,you must setup celwstron hand control, align your finderscope and align your telescope. I have often advised owners to fill their aluminium tripods with sand both to increase stability and to improve the damping of the system.

However the 9mm eyepiece at x72 could not really give enough magnification to see Saturn at its best and so I added a Televue x2. I believe this and the other telescopes in the Nextstar range will be able to painlessly introduce many newcomers to the night sky. Sometimes a mirror can have a good overall figure, but a rough surface.

For this purpose they are vastly better than the cheap 6 x 30 which in practice are sometimes stopped down to nearer 10 straight through finders. Testing the eyepiece in the provided telescope will be fine to detect this, but it is harder to test other aberrations in this way as a Newtonian, no matter how nexsgar made, will exhibit some coma away form the field centre and stellar images begin to look like little comets.

As an Alt-Az mount requires the use of both motions to track it needs to be aligned before it can track. The mount uses a nexetar fork rather than the two forks used in most Alt-Az mounts. For the celestrob I used a 24mm Celestron Ultima — a very high quality 5 element design – and for the 9mm a 10mm Vixen Lanthanum which is also highly regarded. Why bother to observe when much of the sky is cloud covered? Celestron chd refractor telescope instruction manual, 18 pages.


A little too clever. Down and clockwise it slewed. Selecting from the Constellation list gives the objects seen in each constellation. CapellaSirius and Saturn. I could not make out the nebula but I could see the line of three stars and the 4 stars of the trapezium at its heart.

There is a socket to provide an external 12 volts from a mains adapter, car lighter socket or external battery These are all additional accessories. Additional Items in the package.

To give a mm focal length in a short tube, a lens is incorporated onto the mm design. Bexstar obviously it does allow the tube, if pushed sideways, to move significantly more than if a dual fork were used.

The Celestron Nexstar SLT

The finder has a quick release mount. This has a small, but worthwhile, increase in aperture over the previously available budget reflectors which came with mm diameters. Do so without moving its position. Again, given the date and time it knows the positions of the Moon and planets on the sky so that they can be used too. Called SkyAlign it is wonderfully simple to use. All three legs should be the same length to provide a level platform for the telescope.