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CharyapAda: The Original Source of Bengali Literature (Abstract)(Most of the scholar of Tibetan Buddhism stated that Buddhism was divided. Charyapada, Bengali Literature – Informative & researched article on Charyapada, Bengali Literature from Indianetzone, the largest free. ( × 95 pixels, file size: 36 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) known speciment of Assamese language and Bengali language.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. In India the peace loving people and the Dalits convert to Buddhism for peace and social bemgali every day.

When any Muslim Bangladeshi intellectual converts to Buddhism then Islamic fundamentalists will kill him or her. How will Buddhism survive in Bangladesh? In South Asia there are many people could not study Buddhism who are not Buddhists. So the Indian Skeptic, a newsletter exposing many of the irrational goings on relating to continuing superstition reigns. Sadly, few listen, because a bewildering variety charyapadw Fakirs, Pir, Babas, swamis, and the like continue to exert a strangle hold over the minds of the people.

The tragedy of Hindu caste system and Islamic fundamentalists do not allow Buddhism to preach in public places, temples and schools. In fact these songs give instructions regarding mystic practices. After the series of movements, the Pakistan government bowed down to the demand of the Bengali people and endorsed the Bengali as one of the state languages.

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Time and tide wait for none and may all beings bebgali happy. Ancient Bengali people of Bangladesh 8th — 12th century A. Hindu fundamentalists and Sen dynasty of Karnatak took over the bentali power from Buddhist Pala kings of Bangladesh who established famous Nalanda University in Bihar. At first Hindu fundamentalists confiscated native Buddhists and neighbors mother language, books bengal survival. Hindu rulers and native Buddhists were fighting continue.

Fakhruddin Government does not take any of its political minister or advisor from the Buddhist community of Bangladesh. Justice denied and persecution directly conducted by the Jamat and Al-Quida Islamic fundamentalists. Bengali language is the source of power of people of Bangladesh as the Bengali great scholar Atish Dipankar was the vice-chancellor of the Nalanda University who established peace and educational systems in Tibet.

There is a Tibetan translation of Charyapada in Tibet.


Many great Muslim minded people told that Taliban is disgrace to Islam and human civilization. As the Indian Mass media reported that recently China and Japan governments propose the Indian government to invest millions of dollars to develop the great Nalanda University.

Religious fundamentalists are the enemies of world peace. Based on those horrible events the Buddhist poets and scholars decided to plunge into a subject that cried out to be brought to light. Bangladesh Buddhist community did not believe in charypada Vedic caste system.


Bengali people are now reawakening to the worst tragedy of the Buddhist Holocaust chafyapada was conspired by Brahmin mafia. Even now questions are being raised and solutions are charyapasa sought.

The history of Charyapada was means to provoke, enrage, empower enlighten and most importantly open grounds for discussion.

Even the millennium years later, holocaust victims Buddhist community are still waiting for justice who destroyed Buddhist temples, monks and communities in the name so called religions. Why unearth the horrors of yesterday? But we have to share the pain of the events of the historical holocaust.

চর্যাপদ- Chorjapod/Charyapada

Buddhists have left deep wounds on both of our neighbors. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in: