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For general enquiries, or to discuss a project please contact us by phone or. We organise exhibitions that bring to life some of the most exciting new. Publications. Chris Lefteri has written 9 books in 6 languages and released 5.

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The author of eight books on design and material innovation, Lefteri, with his company Chris Lefteri Design Studio, has worked with companies across the globe to help them understand and make decisions on the usage of materials in the design process.

fixIts, an eco-friendly household emergency fixer by chris lefteri design

We quiz him on how the right use of materials can indeed change the world. I work on projects with companies such as materials suppliers, helping them to communicate information about materials and develop new ones, too. I studied industrial design at the Royal College of Art in London. I wanted to design furniture, but one day the question occurred to me: I met a lfeteri and told him my ideas, and he commissioned a book.

I was trying to make something that was quite technical, interesting. I started looking at the way food is shot in cookbooks and thought of using a similar treatment for materials. The one book lffteri up becoming eight.


The first book was published inand the latest just last year. It has become very important. The first wave was about developing libraries for materials, and the current wave is developing sustainable materials. We have lefterii relook materials.


For example, how to make stainless steel stronger using less material. The solution is to give people the right information. In a broad sense, there are no bad materials, there are just bad uses of materials.

If you give people the right information, they can be very inventive and turn a negative into a positive.

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For example, you might leftegi a vase with only a few materials, but in a process that is very labour-intensive. It might be expensive, but you keep it.

Why should we make anything biodegradable? Why not make something to keep?

People assume plastic is bad. It lies in using composites that can be disassembled, or using singular materials. The solution is to develop a material that is very strong, very flexible and very stiff.

This one material can be used over and over. A material that can be uniformly recycled such as aluminium, using the least amount of energy. It is much better to recycle aluminium than to extract it.


They neglect the importance of playing with materials. The last big innovation was plastic. It resulted in new colours and fun shapes.

It would be more of invisible technologies like touch-screens. Select the perfect wall decor, and injects colour and depth into your home while adding character and a cosy atmosphere to the space.

Customise the design of your light switches so they blend perfectly with your home interior style 23 weeks ago. Click here to reach your perfect target audience! Home chriss Decor Singapore. Thinking of how to recycle it.

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