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Bend at the waist so your arm is dangling down. You may want to hold onto a table or chair for support. Gently rock your body weight from your left to your right . One of the more commonly used exercises after rotator cuff repair is the pendulum, which is also referred to as Codman’s exercise. To perform this exercise. One of the more commonly used ex- ercises after rotator cuff repair is the pendulum, which is also referred to as. Codman’s exercise.6 To perform this ex- ercise.

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Choose from a category below. Participants in the non-pathological group were classified as anyone who did not have a shoulder dysfunction, surgery, or peendulum within the past year.

Participants in both the pathological and non-pathological groups were instructed to perform four variations of Codman’s pendulum exercises; Suspended ball weight of 1. Upon review and approval by the Lenox Hill Hospital Institutional Review Board, informed consent was obtained from each participant.

Codman exercises maintain range of motion during your recovery. Once you’ve got your comfy clothes on, you’re ready to go. Therefore, the majority of the Exeercises pendulum exercise for early shoulder rehabilitation fell below the minimal category established by McCann et al. Whenever you have a shoulder injury, there will be associated muscle tightness, even on a slight degree, to help stabilize the joint while the injury heals.

Allow your arm to dangle freely, and you’re in the starting pose.

Pendulum and Codman Exercises for Shoulder Rehabilitation

In a similar study, McCann et al1 used intramuscular fine wire EMG electrodes to examine shoulder muscles activity during passive, active, and resistive rehabilitation exercises. The middle deltoid placement was halfway between the acromion and the deltoid tubercle. Internal and external circumduction were calculated for the non-pathological group since both arms were tested i. They often include immediate immobilization, like the use of a sling, and passive range of motion exercises.


Codman Shoulder Exercises | SportsRec

Shoulder muscle activation during aquatic and dry land exercises in nonimpaired subjects. Increase Range of Motion. Delagi EF, Perotto A. Initial movements should be about 15 degrees from vertical but as you loosen up, let the movement go out to 30 degrees.

Thomas Todd Company; They concluded that adding 3. Try these gluteus medius exercises to activate every part of your rear. Many shoulder protocols suggest that weight may be added to these pendulum exercises as rehabilitation progresses, however, very few guidelines exist to stipulate how much weight should be added.

They allow for movement and stability to the otherwise loose ball and socket shoulder joint. Exerrcises a similar study, McCann et al 1 used intramuscular fine wire EMG electrodes to examine shoulder muscle activity during passive, active, and resistive rehabilitation exercises. This exercise uses the weight and momentum of your arm to encourage movement at the shoulder joint, while maintaining inactivity of the injured or repaired muscles. Because those muscles are being used almost constantly, they grow tight and sore.

Anatomic Guide for cofman Electromyographer2nd ed. Best Healthy Living Blogs of Trying to eat healthy, exercise more, or get into mindfulness and meditation? This advanced pendulum exervises uses a dumbbell or wrist weight for added pull on the shoulder joint. Typically, patients after shoulder injury or surgery have a difficult time relaxing the shoulder musculature and performing Codman’s pendulum exercises correctly.


Shoulder range of motion limits were set to the minimum ability of penulum most involved shoulder pathology to avoid any possible complications. Top off the routine by returning to the starting pose and moving each arm from side-to-side up to 20 times.


Looking to take chest day to a new level, but unsure what kind of bench press is best? Always consult your doctor or physical therapist before beginning an exercise program.

The signals were low pass filtered at Hz and high pass filtered at 10Hz. Though you should always consult with the medical pros before starting physical therapy, these low-impact stretches can also lend themselves to part of your regular exercise warm-up routine.

Spondylolisthesis is a slippage of the vertebrae that can cause pain and numbness down the leg.

Have Codman’s shoulder exercises helped you and your joints out of a tough spot, or have you used them at home just to release a bit of pre-workout tension? Three trials for each parameter were performed to allow participants to become comfortable with exercisss motion and the testing procedure. They concluded that therapist assisted exercises and Codman’s pendulum exercises showed activity that was not significantly different from that of a CPM machine.

Then you’ve got all you need to give your shoulders a little swing. An additional limitation was the sample size. This process was conducted for all activity during the last trial and expressed as a percent of that particular muscle’s MVIC. Passive shoulder motion is regarded as standard early rehabilitation in patients postoperatively, as well as patients not undergoing surgery.