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Imprint: Penguin Classics The Analects express a philosophy, or a moral code, by which Confucius, one of the most humane thinkers of all. The Analects has ratings and reviews. Darwin8u said: 子 Paperback, Penguin Classics, pages. Published Confucius, The Analects, XVII ‘The Master said, “If a man sets his heart on benevolence, he will be free from evil ”’ The Analects are a collection of Confucius’s.

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When we today learn about the cruel traditional punishments inflicted by Chinese regimes, or the perverse measures that civil service scholars went to in the name of studiousness, little do we realise Confucius would cringe at such extremities.

These at least are merits which I can confidently claim. Earthlight Books is a family owned and operated, independent bookstore serving Walla Walla, Washington since Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Whatever you may say of his politics, his clazsics is a powerful self-help tool for all aanlects, a way to learn to become a better person through letting go of temptations.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Dawson uses Pinyin rather than Wade-Giles, which is a welcome shift in my eyes, as Wade-Giles often feels overwrought even if it sometimes comes pebguin to the true pronunciation, and there is a nifty conversion chart included in this edition.

He had a great love of learning. There are some fine maxims in here, but also many sections that are alternately baffling or boring. Aanalects who learns but does not think is lost If you learn without thinking about what you have learned, you will be lost. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Translation I highly amalects the W. The dust jacket if applicable may be missing. Quotations of interest to me: Was there once a larger claxsics of writings from Confucius, and is what we have today distilled from some larger body of work?

Let there be no evil in your thoughts Knowing the tiny fractions we have about the life of Confucius helped with the understanding of this book as well. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. For Confucius, there is no distinction between the ethical and the political, because the political virtue of social stability relies upon the ethical foundations of self-mastery, self-knowledge, benevolence, wisdom, filial piety, adherence to tradition, and a penghin towards lifelong learning.

When walking with two other people, I will always find a teacher among them.

Feb 08, Otto Lehto rated it really liked it. I for my part am not one of those who have innate knowledge. The question may be ambiguous, but the answer is clear: Confucius married, had children, and died a natural death it appears as opposed to being executed like Jesus and Socrates.

Yes, the ruler should act like a ruler and the ruled should act like the ruled, and yes, sons should res There is still a lot of insight in this collection of sayings and maxims attributed to Confucius and his disciples. Now, I had my prejudgments about Confucius beforehand, but classucs views upon reading, and after finishing reading, was greatly changed to ocnfucius better. Yes, the ruler should act like a ruler and the ruled should act like the ruled, and yes, sons should respect their elders even, or especially, after their passingand yes, poor people should be content with their lot; but this is hardly even the most important lessons of Confucianism.


I have yet to meet someone who is able to perceive his own faults and then take himself to task inwardly. The translation I read by Annping Chin was wonderful and highly recommend clwssics edition. Account Options Sign in.

The Analects

Those words are used throughout the Analects, thd knowing a fraction of their significants is very helpful to understand the whole.

The Analects are a collection of Confucius’ sayings, compiled by his pupils shortly after his death in B. The demands that a gentleman makes are upon himself; those that a small man makes are upon others.

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The Analects – Confucius – Google Books

Appendices take up the remainder. Dec 07, M. Clzssics a man is praised with words of respect, he cannot help but be pleased with them.