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Sleek and Professional looking, minus the window, not a big fan of flashy cases so this suites me well. not a full tower, so it fits in places a lot better and more. Buy Corsair Obsidian Series D CCWW Black Aluminum / Steel MicroATX Case with Window with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Small in size but big in capability, the Corsair Obsidian D case is designed to build a high performance system in a Micro ATX form factor. Oriented for Micro.

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It 35d0 like just yesterday we were talking about Corsair’s gargantuan Obsidian D, a behemoth designed with the single goal of housing as much computer as you can possibly imagine. The Obsidian D supersized the already successful D along with its price tagand judging from the comments left on the review it’s exactly what a lot of the watercooling enthusiasts were waiting for.

What you may not be aware corsiar is the fact that the D ran I had one of the early review units, and it had actually been sitting in my living room for some 350f before the new embargo date hit and gave me a deadline.

That’s part of the reason why we’re seeing another case from Corsair as quickly as we are; had the D been on time this still would’ve seemed like a pretty quick turnaround time.


Proving someone over there has a sense of humor, though, Corsair is following up their largest case with their smallest. I’m actually a little disappointed that the campaign around the D was basically subsumed by the D, because of the two cases I think the micro-ATX D is actually the more interesting corsaid.

With the D, the sky is really the limit as to what you can put in it or more accurately, your wallet is the limit. The D, on the other hand, is a case for people who thrive on limitations.

Technical Details

That’s not to say the case has limitations, per se, but when you’re confined to the micro-ATX standard you start having to make creative decisions. As you’ll see, Corsair made a few of their own that make the D a particularly interesting specimen in what’s often one of the most diverse enclosure categories.

What needs to be considered in evaluating the Corsair Obsidian D is that this case is pretty clearly designed capitalize on liquid cooling.

While my experiences with Corsair’s closed loop coolers have been inconsistent, everyone benefits from them having a mm cooler like the H in their lineup. The existence of a mm cooler in Corsair’s portfolio doesn’t necessarily demand they include a place to mount it in all subsequent case designs, but it makes a convincing argument. The reviewer’s guide makes a big deal about using the D for water cooling, both with Corsair’s products and with custom loops.


There are five total fan mounts, and all of them support radiators: What does surprise me is crsair Corsair opted not to include an additional fan mount beneath the drive cage, in the bottom of the case.

It feels like a missed opportunity.

Introducing the Corsair Obsidian D It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Corsair’s gargantuan Obsidian D, a behemoth designed with the single goal of housing as much computer as you can possibly imagine. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Corsair Obsidian Series D Mini-Tower Case CCWW B&H

In my experience I’ve found that a side exhaust fan has a tremendous impact on temps when dealing with graphics cards that exhaust into the case. Log in Don’t have an account? Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Corsair Obsidian D Specifications.